Property Sales Tactics To Ensure A Speed Deal

Property sales can seemingly take forever, especially in the current market where many people are waiting for a drop in prices before they decide to purchase. There are however certain strategies that when employed can speed up the sales process and reduce the time your property spends sat on the open market. Here are some of the best tactics, strategies and ways of thinking that will ensure a quick sale.

First and foremost you should try and think like a buyer. This is more difficult than it sounds as you must look around your house in an objective manner taking note of any issues that may put buyers off. If you can do this however you stand more chance of pursing sales quickly.

Once you have made your list it is vitally important to make any repairs that can be deemed necessary. These repairs can be minor jobs like a smashed window pane to major works like retiling broken bathroom tiles or the roof. While buyers may not notice all of the work you have undertaken, it is a surety that they will notice any repairs left unfinished.

A strategy often touted by property experts is to de-clutter as much as possible. This is because the less clutter there is, the easier it is for buyers to notice the house and hence understand what they are buying. In addition de-cluttering can help to create a feeling of spaciousness, making the property look larger than it actually is.

As part of the space tactic is to make all of the rooms as well lit and bright as possible. Lighting can be considered an extremely important element to a property, it is strongly advisable to make the most of the natural light in a room but if this is not possible, recessed high powered lights can help to make rooms lighter and more appealing.

When a buyer walks through the door all of their senses will be used when viewing the house. Subsequently smell is an important factor in the property sales process. While the home baked bread cliche may be an overused tactic, ensuring that the property smells fresh is essential. Removing the odour of pets and smoke is a prerequisite.

As part of your de-cluttering efforts you should remove all of the personal items from the property. These can include family pictures and ornaments which while you may love them, does not let buyers see themselves living in the property.

When you are rearranging your furniture you need to do it in such a way so that it makes the best use of space ensuring all of the rooms look open and welcoming. As part of this it is important to put furniture in places where it will not impede traffic through the house.

The term ‘curb appeal’ is often bandied about by experts but remains a valid point if you want to sell quickly. To create this curb appeal you should mow your front lawn, ensure all windows are painted, the front door is well maintained and in general the house from the street looks appealing.

Painting is great way to revive the look of tired rooms and even the exterior. It may take an investment of time and money but the rewards will be ultimately worthwhile. Remember however that the paint is not your personal preference; neutral colours should be used so buyers are not overpowered when they enter the property.

Hopefully these tips and tactics will help ensure the quick sale of your property. As long as you price it correctly and are willing to negotiate speedy sales should be achievable. Ultimately you need to make the most of your property’s assets; whether this means redecorating or just giving the place a spruce up is indeterminable. What is important is that you present a property to the buyer that is appealing and allows them to imagine themselves living there.

Source by Thomas Pretty