Purchasing A Classic Muscle Car

Muscle cars are built for speed and the engine will always be push to its limits

Muscle car refers to mid size American 2 doors built in the early 1970s equipped with massive V8s. These cars are built solely for performance while keeping the cost as low as possible. A few all time favorite models are the AMX, charger, and Chevelle. These models are favorite due to its distinct looks, lightweight body and large enough engine compartment to fit in a V8 engine. These tips would come handy when purchasing a used classic muscle car.

Buy only from a reputable car dealer who goes great length to know the previous history of the car. Do request for any receipts and list of modifications done on the ride by the previous owner. That way you know more about the car inside out and lessen our chances of getting ripped off. In the future, it would be useful to estimate the cost of maintenance and to plan for future upgrading.

Bring along a trusted mechanic friend when inspection the car. It is best to be able to bring the car to the workshop for throughout inspection on the chassis, engine, and drive train. Due to the fact muscle cars have massive V8s in a very lightweight body; there is a high probability that the chassis may suffer some kind of defect if the previous owner did not increase the rigidity of the chassis. Check also the engine for any weird sound it emits. Go for a test drive to best judge the car performance. Bear in mind that muscle cars are built for speed and the engine will always be a push to its limits.

On the legal aspects, check whether the engine and chassis numbers are recorded on the registration card. This will pose serious implication to you in the eyes of the law if your car is caught without proper documents. This matter is often overlooked when the anxiety of owning an exquisite car set in.

Lastly, drive your car ethically and within the legal speed limit on the street. Cars like these are bred for track use so use them responsibly.

Source by Stuart Michael M