Quirky Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Stand Out

Ditch the devil horns and try these on for size

The best part about Halloween is dressing up in cool costumes you would otherwise never get a chance to. And with the increase in the number of Halloween bashes taking place in the city, you want your costume to stand out. So keep those tacky, plastic devil horns and vampire fangs aside and choose from this year’s hottest trends.

1. Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

Suicide Squad was a forgettable movie but Harley Quinn was not. Margot Robbie’s cute/crazy/creepy outfit was arguably the best part of the movie. Extra points if you carry a baseball bat and a gun holster.

2. Taher Shah

Image: Youtube/Taher Shah

Taher Shah returned as a baingan in the hideous ‘Angel’ earlier this year. Getting Taher Shah’s ‘look’ is fairly simple. Get a few metres of cloth in hideous shades of purple, blue and stark white. Ask your tailor to make the gown-cossack hybrid outfit that Shah sports with such confidence. If you have two like-minded friends they can go as ‘Angel’s’ wife and son like in the video. The one who goes as the son must wear a curly blond wig. Accessorise with a headband/tiara or a wreath of flowers on your head and voila you are an angel.

3. MSG

MSG, also known as Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is quite possibly the tackiest fellow we have had the misfortune of watching on television and in one sad case–on the big screen. MSG’s outfits can give Govinda a run for his money. Put on the flashiest, brightest clothes from your wardrobe. We’re talking green pants, a pink top and a yellow jacket. Accessorise with plenty of gold/silver bracelets. Think Govinda meets Shakti Kapoor with a bit of Ranveer Singh flamboyance thrown in but worse.

4. Donald Trump

You may go as the hideous, orange shame of the nation, but for heaven’s sake, do not spew the rubbish he has said about people on the pretext of making a joke. Making fun of his hair and four bankruptcies is fair game. His idiotic Grade-4 level speaking too.

5. Galaxy Note 7


This guy’s costume was absolutely smoking! You’ve got to admit it, taping boxes of the ill-fated exploding smartphone was a stroke of genius. The Imgur user blows on a pipe that blows the smoke out of the boxes. We wouldn’t recommend you figuring out a system that blows smoke out of the boxes. It can be as much of a fire hazard as the actual Note 7. Couple’s Tip: Your significant other can go as a fire extinguisher!

6. Eleven

The cute albeit a bit scary-looking girl from our favourite show Stranger Things is touted to be the hot favourite this year. Keep a straight face throughout the party and give everyone that stern look L does so well. Carry a waffle in your pocket and don’t forget to dab a little fake blood on your eyes and ears!

7. Valak (Conjuring 2)

This evil nun from The Conjuring 2 was the scariest part of the movie and you’ve seen the film, you know how frightening that can be. Expect party-goers to take a step back if they spot you.