Raising Spiritual Children – The Art of Belonging

Instead of judgment, this understanding brings with it a compassion for the child

Consider the word “belonging”. It says Be-Longing. We must be longing to belong! Jane Nelsen states in her book Positive Discipline that the true primary goal of all behavior is to find a sense of belonging and significance.

In Heart Education, we first recognize that in our wholeness, we are also spiritual beings. I can’t help but think that we are longing to reconnect with the most essential part of our self: our spiritual self. As we raise our level of consciousness, we discover that we have always been connected to the Source, only our consciousness wasn’t aware of it.

Children sometimes display inappropriate behaviors as they seek to belong and connect. This offers us a new way of viewing misbehaving children. Instead of judgment, this understanding brings with it a compassion for the child, who may be only trying to find a way to “fit in”, to be understood, and to “belong”.

To develop a sense of belonging, it is important that we don’t sabotage ourselves with thoughts of separation. Separation thinking is the opposite of belonging.

Check your “heart connection” as you go throughout your day. Ask yourself: How am I feeling? Am I feeling ‘separation’ or ‘connection’? How’s my connection to myself and my Source; how’s my connection to my wife, my husband, my children, my boss, my co workers? Breathe and remind yourself that you are connected to Source love. It is the place of our belonging. In that state of mind, we are promoting the heart connection.

Mediation Little Girl Meditation Girl Meditating

Heart Education begins in me. It begins with us as parents. As we awaken more and more to our connection with Source, our parenting takes on a new level of consciousness. We begin to feel a “connectedness” with all things! In this state of being, we are the perfect mentors to help our children find their own inner connection with themselves, their family, the creation-everything! They then become “plugged in”! That’s when children begin to experience the “heart connection”. That’s the Art of Belonging!

Source by Sharon Goodman