Raveena Tandon Wears a Sari, Asks Twitter If That Makes Her a Sanghi

Twitter trolled her, praised her, and accused her of politicising the garment

Popular 90s actress Raveena Tandon, who is set to make a comeback in films with Shab, posted a photograph of herself wearing a sari on Twitter and asked,”will I be termed communal, sanghi, bhakt, hindutva icon?” Tandon said she loves wearing a sari because it is elegant. People reacted with a range of responses. Some people asked to her to stop politicising the garment.


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This user didn’t hold back.

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A lot of people said she just looked beautiful.

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One user asked Tandon if she was planning a political move. Tandon replied in the negative.

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One user went down the path of whataboutery.

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Is this what Raveena Tandon was trying to say?

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After a while, Tandon clarified that it was not her intention to communalise or politicse the sari. Why use terms like Hindutva, bhakth and Sanghi then?

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A sari is a garment worn by countless women in India. It cuts across caste, class, and yes, even religion. The very fact that many people started associating the sari with a certain ideology is a reminder of the divisive society we seem to have become.