Reasons and Solutions of risky sexual behavior of Pakistani Youths

Reasons and Solutions of risky sexual behavior of Pakistani Youths.

Following are examples of risky sexual behavior of Pakistani Youths.

– Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani molesting Sherry Rehamn on you tube.

– President Zardari loosely commenting about Alaska women governor.

– Imran Khan versus American woman daughter case.

– A woman claiming to be wife of Hamza Shabaz Shareef.

– In a graveyard a Pakistani man molesting dead bodies of women.

– A doctor in JPMC hostel trying to rap a nurse.

– A minister of UK making allegation against Pakistani youth for flirting with UK girls.

We Pakistanis have lost all moral values.

– Pakistan maintains top slot in Google search for ‘sex’ on internet, With over 20 million internet users and growing fast, Pakistan has managed to secure the number one slot for searching the term ‘sex’ globally for all years.

All above facts are reality and need to be addressed by intellectuals of Pakistan.

In Karachi monthly 20-30 infants are killed or thrown on garbage which are mostly eaten by street dogs, cats and rats, who are born due to risky sexual acts of youths.
In India 270 infants are abandoned in Hospitals daily, which has somewhat similar society as Pakistan.

In Karachi these infants who are victims of risky sexual acts of their mother and father are buried in Muwach Goth Graveyard near SUPARCO. Every sensible citizen should go to the graveyard of those infants and find answer that why they were killed.

If these innocent infants survive then due to absence of their father or mother their life is more painful than to be in an hell.
By seeing infants graveyard one feel God will give one day very sever punishment to all of us who are silent about these evils.
The main reasons of risky sexual behavior of Pakistani Youth.

Presenting women and using females as the basic raw materials for creation of literature by subcontinent poets, writers and all other artists for making money.
Ghazal is the most popular form poetry completely devoted to express desires for females.

It is only subcontinents films which are full of lustful songs and dances.

All films and dramas are made on the basis of romance and violence.

4. Fashion magazines, shows, cat walks, TV advertisements and entertainment news in which women are used for earning money by exposing them in beautiful and attractive manner to attract audiences, result in the very fatal attraction of youth towards females resulting out of control emotions and acts.
In such scenario it is quite obvious that youth will have just image of girls and women in their brains, which results aggression and fatal attraction towards women and females, and so Pakistani women even in big cities like Karachi and Lahore are frightened to go in Schools and educational centers.

There are large numbers of countries where women, girls and children feel secure and safe such as Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

Culture of Japan and India

Progress and development is made by self discipline, focus attention and good health.
Due to their sober culture and society and non existence of crazy sexuality, Japan is one of the most advanced country of the world from a long time in spite of very small country and scared resources.

While India, in spite of huge population and large area and resources, but due to a society created like PAKISTAN by poets, dramatist and writers based on sexual desires and creations, is one of the most backward country of the world from long time.
Once Prime Minister of India, Nehru said,” that unfortunately even our Temples (Mandirs) have become stations of sins and place of prostitutes.
Due to curse of sexy films, sexy dances, sexy songs, sexy literatures and sexy mentality, at present India is having highest number of HIV and AIDS, patients in world, Specially Boly Wood, Centre of Indian Film industry Mumbai is the centre of patient suffering from this disease.
Daily 270 infants are abandoned in the hospitals of India, due to such society.

There is need for us to follow most advanced, sober, and resilient society of Japan, and to give up our dirty traditions and culture created by satanic poetry and sexual maniac like writers and artists.

Solutions to Risky Sexual Behavior:
Poets, writers and film and drama writers should be educated not to promote sexual and sensual literature and productions for earning money.

1. We can not ban all newspapers, magazines, literature especially poetry because they are great sources of education, entertainment and provision of services but we can ban use of sexy stories and photographs by these sources for making money and to increase sale of these items.

2. We can not Ban TV, Internet, Satellite etc because they are great sources for education, entertainments and provision of services but we can screen and censor them for spreading nudity and vulgarity??

3. We should educate poets, writers and all who use sex as a tool for decorating and attracting their poetry and writings to our youths for selling their literature and productions because due to their such practices infants are abandoned and killed, women are raped, girls are molested and children are abused and in so much dirty society created by these self fish poets, writers and artists, Guardians and parents ask their women, girls and children even not to go to schools, markets and even to their neighbor home.
Why people don’t think that due to these poets and writers great victimization of infants, children, girls and of women is going on in our society.

Dirty nature of risky sexual acts with reference to dirty urinary and fecal organs of body resulting in diseases like HIV, Syphilis, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and their traumatic results and consequences should be used to create hatred among youth against risky sex and such shameless sins.
Youths should be informed about highly immoral and disastrous effects of risky sexual acts.
People should be educated about faithfulness to their families, relatives, offspring and other human beings.
Religious teachings (about chastity) and punishments (stoning to deaths as a punishment for victimization and cruelty to infants) for such acts should be made popular and informed and communicated to youths.
Special monitoring of youths especially in 14-35 years of age by family, relatives and law enforcing agencies should be made.

Written By: M. AKRAM KHAN
Karachi, Pakistan.