Referee Gives Sexist Fan a Red Card!

Spaniard stops football match until the man who told her to 'wash the dishes' is evicted from the stadium.

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Sexism is rife in the world of sports and women are not keeping quiet about it any more. In Spain, Marta Galego, a football referee, suspended a match after a spectator told her to “wash the dishes”.

On Sunday, Galego was refereeing a match between UE Valls and Cambrils Unió in the Catalan second division when a spectator yelled out the sexist comment. In three minutes, he was removed from the stands. The spectator was reportedly a club member of UE Valls. After the comment, Galego noted down the incident in her pad and restarted the match. The other spectators at the match applauded her decision to remove the erring spectator.

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