Relationship Deal Breakers

No matter how hot they are – if they exhibit even one of these traits, it’s over

No matter how hot a girl or a guy is or how good you look together, if some things don’t click its over. Redditors list out their relationship deal breakers. So if you’ve probably noticed these issues in your relationship, it may be time to break it off before things get really sour (if they haven’t already).

1. Pointless Comparisons 

When they always compare you to their ex [never_graduate]

2. Helpless + Lazy = Goodbye

Not just stupid, but helplessness. Someone who might not know something but lacks the motivation to find out. You may be very good looking but if you’re so used to everyone figuring out answers for you that you’re helpless and lazy, goodbye. [cylons_R_people_2]

3. Mean + Insecure

Needing to tear others down to build themselves up. [JestaKilla]

4. No Independence

As flattering as it might seem in the beginning, I find it really off-putting when a guy doesn’t want to maintain any of his independence or passions. Seriously – Go out with your friends, listen to the music you like, keep up the hobbies you enjoy, etc. We have plenty of time to share experiences together, but we don’t need to live the same life 24/7. [Matilda__Wormwood]

5. No Accountability 

Inability to take accountability for their own mistakes. Inability to take initiative and reciprocate. Arrogance, self-entitlement, inflated ego. We all struggle with these things, but for some people there isn’t a single moment where they are willing to be introspective and realize that, hey, maybe sometimes shit is your fault. Not that it is about who is at fault, but in order to move forward in a relationship you cant expect the other person to make all the changes. [MrFluffPants1349]

6. Temper Tantrums

I refuse to put up with childish behavior [Rockyrambo]

7. Negativity  

Being generally negative. I went on a date with a girl once to a bar she went to all the time. She proceeded to point out the people she considered her “enemies.” I did not go on any more dates with her. [popularhermit]

8. Absolute Dealbreaker–Unless You’re Boring Too

No sense of humor. Or a sense of humor incompatible with mine. [ShadyG]

9. Enough of That, Girls

Playing “Hard to get” F**k that it’s the current year I don’t have time for this sh*t. [NotEvilWashington]

10. Rudeness

Being rude to children, pets, or people who are trying to do their jobs. [una_chava]

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