Remedy For Angular Cheilitis — The 3 Questions Doctors Are Most Frequently Asked About

If you’re looking for a remedy for angular cheilitis, then this is the article for you.

In the next few minutes, we’re going to be addressing thee of the most common questions people ask when seeking a remedy for angular cheilitis. First, we’ll talk about how long it will remain on your lips if left untreated. Second, we’ll talk about the seriousness of your case. Finally, we’ll talk about a remedy for angular cheilitis that is tried, tested and proven.

Ready? Let’s get started!

First frequently asked question: “If I leave it alone, will it eventually just go away?”

Unlike its cousins, the cold sore and the herpes virus, angular cheilitis won’t just disappear on its own if you leave it. In fact, it’ll do just the opposite. If you don’t seek a remedy for angular cheilitis, it will continue to get progressively worse and more painful.

This of course means that the sooner you can “nip it in the bud,” the better off you will be.

Second frequently asked question: “Is it serious enough to consult a doctor about?”

Angular cheilitis can be caused by a variety of different causes. Sometimes excessive lip licking can cause it, exposure to extreme weather can trigger it, or it can be something internal, like a weak immune system, or vitamin and nutrition deficiencies.

However, it can also be caused by serious fungal or bacterial infection. Since this is the case, it’s best to consult a doctor or medical adviser to get a knowledgeable opinion. Sometimes, after asking a few questions, a medical adviser will be able to diagnose the root cause of your unsightly lips, and will be able to recommend a remedy for angular cheilitis without needing to see an actual doctor.

Third frequently asked question: “Is there a tried and proven remedy for angular cheilitis that I could be taking?”

Yes, there is a remedy for angular cheilitis that you could be taking. In fact, there are several!

1. Honey.

-Yes, a thin layer of honey over your infected lips can be a great remedy for angular cheilitis. The natural and anti-fungal properties of honey make this a very powerful remedy.

2. Proper eating habits.

-This might sound mundane, but the most common cause for angular cheilitis is nutritional deficiencies. To be safe, make sure to eat lots of vegetables and take a good multivitamin supplement.

3. Vitamin E lotion, aloe vera, or cocoa butter. A light application of any of these will soothe your sores and make your skin more elastic, preventing further cracking. This is a good option if seeking fast relief.

So there you have it. Take a look through the above list, and decide for yourself which remedy for angular cheilitis will work best for you. Or, do a combination of them to experience faster relief!

Source by Geoff Crosby