Respiratory Effects From Cigarettes

Can cigarettes cause death?


The devastating respiratory effects from cigarettes erase from the body its own natural ability to clean itself. The human body is the most complex system known to man. It heals itself, builds itself up, and has natural cleansing faculties. Many of our modern appliances and amenities are designed after its organs and systems. It has been around longer than we can count for and it is still studied. New mysteries are revealed every day from the study of the human body. It is nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately, humans have a bad habit of disrespecting the skillful mechanics of the body. When chemical smoke is inhaled or any poisonous substance for that matter, the body’s ability to perform is corrupted and it begins to destroy itself.  It is often thought of as helpful to smoke. If smoking is in anyway helpful, the bad outweighs the good.  The respiratory effect from smoking is extremely damaging.

The respiratory system, as all the other systems of the body, has a unique responsibility. It deals with the gas exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. It also works with the circulatory system. Its primary function is to get oxygen into the blood. It is a system that cleans itself by creating mucus that removes dirt and foreign entities from the body. When cigarette smoke gets into cilia of the lungs, the natural cleansing process disappears. Because the respiratory system works with the mouth, nose, trachea, and largely with the lungs, all of them are affected. Each of these parts of the body is a prime target for illness and disease. Included illnesses are cancer, ulcers, emphysema, and bronchitis, just name a few.

Cancer is clearly the most well known respiratory effect from cigarettes. When a person gets cancer it means that a cell in the body has unusually rapid growth. This causes damage to the cell itself as well as the system that the growth is in. Doctors regularly try to remove cancer growths if they can be found in a timely manner. What may seem simple at first thought can be very tricky when it means removing a piece of lung, throat, nose, or mouth.

While cancer is typically considered the worst respiratory effect from cigarettes, bronchitis is often the first breakdown that the body experiences in the lungs. Bronchitis comes with a heavy cough which further dries the mucus in the lungs. Since the body is a wise system, it will respond by increasing the mucus making process, which in turn clogs other biological systems.  The foreign chemical smoke confuses the body’s ability to react. Bronchitis can be followed by emphysema, which is a lung disease that is incurable and painful.  It is a disease that damages the lung tissue and it leaves you unable to stand upright.

Smoking may grant the smoker some relief from stress or provide relaxation, but the price tag is too great. There are other ways to relax.  The respiratory effects from cigarettes are simply not worth the long term trouble.

Source by Julie Baughan