Review: Bombay Cocktail Bar Serves Up Some Mumbaiyya Magic

Head to Bombay Cocktail Bar if you want a rollicking good time over great food and drinks



This is why you should visit Bombay Cocktail Bar

Let’s start with the decor. The entrance screams ‘you are gonna have a hell of a time here’. Once you are in, you will notice an array of lights running around the side along the seating area and a stage right in front. It’s a proper stage; not just a DJ’s console. Right above, you will see a massive digital display which looks like a spaceship.

The bar counter has an ancient Egyptian feel like to it. On the right-hand side, is a mini stadium-like arrangement which is the VIP area. And by stadium, I mean a stadium. It was like an amphitheater. You can get a bird’s eye view of the place from up there.

Since I went on a Thursday, I wasn’t really hoping for much. I asked around and came to know that Bombay Cocktail Bar had a gig known as Tribal Thursday. I could see a few Djembe and a set of drums sitting next to the DJ’s space but there was no one really to attend to it.


The music was pretty decent and people kept coming in. For a Thursday, the crowd was as one would expect. But once the clock struck 11:00 p.m., the real fun started. By now, the place was pretty crowded for a Thursday night. DJ Cyrus on the console and Anish on the drums had taken the music to a whole new level. The crowd couldn’t contain their excitement and had started grooving to the music. There were happy faces all around and the performers were kicking up a storm.

As they say, there are some things that can’t be expressed in words.

Let’s talk food and drinks:

Cocktailers, you guys are in for a ride and a good one for all that matters. The innovative combinations with a hint of Mumbai flavours will captivate your taste buds and senses.

Tipsy Kala Khatta

The Tipsy kala khatta is something you do not want to miss out on. The hint of kala khatta along with orange juice and rose syrup goes really well with the vodka. The dry ice along with orange zest and mint leaves lend it an appealing fragrance. The Aam Panna cocktail is another fabulous drink to try out.

Watermelon Mocktail


Mocktailers should try out the Cucumber Watermelon Lemonade. The cucumber, fresh watermelon, and lime juice make the drink really refreshing. It also comes along with a hint of chaat masala which gives it a bit of a kick.

The Mulligatawny soup is fantastic! No wonder it is known as the national soup of both India and Sri Lanka. Trust me when I say this, it is freaking homely! Once sip and you will know why Indian spices are so famous. The Mulligatawny soup his will probably put all other soups you’ve had to shame.

Chilly Garlic Potato

For appetizers, I highly recommend the Chilly Garlic Potato and the Cheese Garlic Bread for the vegetarians. The chilly garlic potato will appeal to those who like their dishes hot and spicy. To be honest, non-vegetarians would love this one too. The red-coloured dish not only looks hot and spicy, it also tastes hot and spicy! If you like experimenting, go for the Aloo Tikki chaat. If you like ragda pattice, you’re bound to love this one. It pretty much tastes like the ragda you would usually have, but better!

Murg angara (R), Gilafi Seekh Kebab (L)

Non-vegetarians have plenty to choose from. I would recommend the Murg Angara for the hot heads and Gilafi Seekh Kebab for kebab lovers! Pro tip: The Chilly Garlic Potato and the Gilafi Seekh Kebab is one hell of a combination!

Chicken Nanza

As far as innovations go, you don’t want to miss the “Naanza”. It’s a pizza with a naan as its base and the taste will not disappoint you. Vegetarians, try the Paneer Chilly Naanza; non-vegetarians try the Chicken Chilly Naanza. You could even say that the naan makes for a better base than regular pizza dough. There is enough cheese to satisfy your pizza cravings and the portions are decently-sized.

Mutton Kheema Pav

Talking about ‘Bombay’ in ‘Bombay Cocktail Bar’, if you love kheema, do not by any means miss the Mutton Kheema Pav here! The mutton is so soft, it literally melts in your mouth. The buttery taste just adds to the flavour. The quantity is enough for two, but you might need to ask for extra pavs.

Veg Jayapuri

For the vegetarians, I would recommend the chef’s special ‘Veg Jaypuri with Naan and Roti’ for the main course. I’m not really a fan of vegetarian food but this one dish at Bombay cocktail bar (BCB), is what I would like to have one more time. It’s neither too spicy, nor too bland.

All in all, BCB is a good place to chill, hang out with your buddies, take some cool pictures while you sip on some amazing cocktails and have some delicious food. Do not miss their Tribal Thursdays!

Ambience: 4.5/5
Music: 5/5 (Especially for tribal Thursday)
Sound: 4.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Price: 3/5 (You might get a free entry on Tuesdays and Thursday while other days you’d have to end up paying cover charges which are almost completely redeemable but subject to change)
Dance floor: Not exactly, but there’s enough room.
Staff: Friendly and empathetic. Ajay, the bartender, is a jolly good fellow! Bipin and Yogesh will attend to your every need.
Overall: 4.5/5
Address: B-38, Veera Desai Industrial Estate Rd, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047