Review: Kapoor and Sons Will Make You Laugh and Cry


Title: Kapoor and Sons
Director: Shakun Batra
Cast: Alia Bhatt, Rishi Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Siddharth Malhotra, Ratna Pathak Shah.
Genre: Family, Drama.
Runtime: 132 mins.
Rating: 3.5/5

I walked into the theatre screen quite excited about watching Kapoor and Sons because of its impressive star cast. The story begins in the scenic hilltop town of Coonor, Kerala and shows a dysfunctional family and a very cute Rishi Kapoor playing the patriarch. Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak Shah play husband and wife who, after years of marriage constantly bicker about financial issues and Rajat’s character’s extra marital affair. Siddharth Kapoor and the very hot Fawad Khan play brothers and have a simmering tension between each other and the rest of the family.

With brilliant visuals and a glossy plot, Kapoor and Sons is just like any other product churned out from the Karan Johar film factory – imperfect characters with a twisted professional life, cute girl thrown in between two warring men, picturesque locales, colourful frames and sprinkled with the occasional innuendo. Till just before the interval, the movie finds a way to establish the character flaws and soppy drama and a couple of peppy songs. However, the random moments of comic relief are a saviour in a mirage of fights, arguments, some more fights between the characters.

The best part of the film starts right after the interval the characters played by Fawad, Siddharth and Rathna Pathak characters come into their own. Alia’s role can best be described as a cute special appearance. With the kind of moments the film contains, its safe to say that Holi has made its way to Mumbai in the form of tears rolling down people’s eyes. I’d suggest that if you’re planning to make a dash to the cinema, make this one of your must watch film for the weekend ONLY for Rishi Kapoor and his childlike character. If only grandfathers could spark a spliff with their grandchildren!

Fawad is hot. Siddharth is hot. Alia is blow hot blow cute. The background score is engaging. What more can you ask for from a KJo movie? As long as the audience can feel their heart twist into knots and empathise with each character, I think director Shakun Batra has nailed the game.

P.S. – Invest in a box of tissues too.

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