Review Of TaylorMade R9 SuperMax

TaylorMade Golf, which is famous for its excellent golf clubs in the world, now introduced the latest development of R9 SUPERMAX Driver, fairway wood, irons and hybrid, with a maximum torque of the characteristics of more than inertia; it is the most compact R9 series golf clubs.

R9 supermaxThe traditional metal wood shape and large clubhead of R9 SUPERMAX integrated a various of techniques that can enhance the distance and can be manipulative, including TaylorMade renowned ball trajectory control technology sector (Flight Control Technology, FCT), which for players to provide stability and unbelievable forgiveness so that can hit the ball the farthest distance.

R9 SUPERMAX Driver can achieve large head and high moment of inertia of the characteristics attributed to the essential weight loss techniques, such as full use of the head on the TaylorMade Special thin wall technology bar (Ultra- Thin Wall Technology, UTW); the new and more compact device design FCT sleeve, not only as good as the previous generation design, but also reduces the overall weight of 3 grams.

Family members of R9 SUPERMAX fairway wood at in the longest and lightest fairway wood ─configuration 175cc 3-wood large head. Large head design not only targeting players easily, but also ensuring a faster ball speed and more distance, while the ultra-low center of gravity helps the higher take-off angle shot, reduce back spin, more song left to achieve higher and further ballistic performance.

R9 SUPERMAX R9 hybrid is the first series of iron wood. The large club head for all TaylorMade hybrid; FCT technology to bring about up to 30 yards trajectory adjustment, like the hull of the V-front helps the club head in the rough in the neat sliding can result in players under any circumstances, can easily hit the ball.

R9 SUPERMAX iron classic head design, of course, is no exception to combine a number of players to enhance performance in distance and ball technology. With two-piece structure, thin face, high elasticity and Inverted Cone Technology, 4 to 7-iron were significantly increased elasticity, leading to longer flight distance; and 8-SW irons configuration Bucket-one design, while expanding the sweet spot will be lower center of gravity, can achieve a higher trajectory, and to golf quickly stop in a soft landing.

R9 SUPERMAX assembly head size, head, design, performance technology, specifications and other shaft to provide all the advantages of distance, which can improve the performance of this club, to bring more straight trajectory, all hope in the distance, fault tolerance, also can be manipulative a breakthrough of the ideal club players. With these SuperMax, you can get them in your game.

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Source by William Lee