Revolver Rani: Woman Kidnaps Lover from His Wedding at Gunpoint

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

For the purposes of representation only/ Image: Pixabay

It’s a common sight in many Bollywood films: The man swoops in at his lover’s wedding, declares his love for her and proceeds to stop her marriage to another man. There is a bit of coercion involved and the lovers get married and live happily ever after (we presume). It can also be the opposite: The villain kidnaps a woman who has rejected his affections

What happened in Maudaha is unlike any Bollywood film we have seen. A woman kidnapped her lover from his wedding at gunpoint. According to the Times of India, the kidnapped groom,  Ashok Yadav was involved with a woman who was working at his place of employment. They fell in love but Yadav was engaged to be married to another woman in Bhawanipur village. After he got engaged, he stopped answering his girlfriend’s texts and calls.

While Yadav was in the midst of his wedding ceremony, the jilted woman appeared with a couple of persons with a gun and said,
“Pyaar humse kiya aur shaadi kisi aur se karoge? Yeh hum bardaasht nahi karenge.” She then grabbed him by his collar and they drove off in a waiting car.

Police believe this ‘kidnapping’ was staged as no one tried to stop the groom who went willingly with the girl. The police have arrested Yadav’s brother and some photographers in connection to the case. We hope the young couple lives happily ever after and don’t resort to pointing guns to declare their love for each other.