Ridiculous Excuses That Turned Out to be True, We Swear

“My dog ate my homework”. “There was too much traffic”. “I got the wrong textbook”. Haven’t we all made up these excuses before to explain ourselves? But sometimes the most ridiculous excuses can even be true no matter how absurd they sound. Redditors list out the most ridiculous excuses they’ve given, they swear were true.

1. Got Stuck in a Parade

I was once late for one of my best friends’ wedding because my then-girlfriend and I (during our 5+ hour road trip to the site of the hitching) took a wrong turn and accidentally became part of a small-town parade’s section for children with mental disabilities.

And it was f*cking packed. There we were, windows down, rolling down the main street of this little riverside town at about 5 mph, behind a pickup truck full of kids with Down Syndrome (who were all glaring at us suspiciously). Oh my god there were so many people in that crowd. [sariisa]

2. My Dog Ate My Project

I was 9 and made a gingerbread house for a school project. My dog got to it the night before it was due. [Bamboodpanda]

3. My Dog Ate My Homework (Really)

My daughters dog actually ate her homework. I took a picture of it and attached it to a text message to her teacher explaining that my daughter would need a new copy of the assignment and another day to complete it. The teacher had a good laugh, saw that my daughter had completed the assignment and gave her full credit even though she never turned it in. [Rockstar81]

4. Tax Raid

In the 10th grade I got out of school because I was being audited by the IRS. I had to prove that I existed as a person, I indeed exist and they believed me. [agentchaos1996]

5. I Was Modelling

“I am late for work because I was shooting a Sony magazine ad”. I am not a model and had a normal job. Saw on a random web page that our states film commission was looking for extras for a photo shoot. $200 pay. No other info. I figured what the heck and emailed a head shot and got picked. Had no idea what it was. Got there and it was a print ad for the latest SONY laptop. Photo shoot was in a field and ran about an hour long. We got bonuses but I was a bit late for work. Ad appeared in Fortune magazine but I was only seen from the back. [paulvs88]

6. I Was Involved in an Accident

I was over an hour late for class (US Navy) because two semis in front of me had an accident. There were clothes all over the place, in the trees etc. Then in the intersection behind me a 3 car pile up happened (first heavy snowstorm of the year). When I got there I was getting chewed out for telling this outrageous lie when one of the staff guys came rolling in and said “Damn man. Two semi’s hit each other. There were clothes everywhere and then there was a 3 car pile up behind me in the intersection. Stuck there for over an hour.” They just growled at me and sent me back to class. [Ioxvm]

7. I Got the Wrong Textbook

I couldn’t do the assigned reading because Amazon shipped me the Chinese version of my textbook. [handlemesam1158]

8. My Puppy Chewed Up My Alarm

My new puppy unplugged my clock radio alarm, that’s why I was late to work. I got eye rolled and chewed out a little but it was 100% true. She yanked the cord right out of the socket and chewed it to bits. I’m grateful she didn’t get fried. I puppy proofed my home after that. [hairyeffigy]


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