Sahil Shah, Verbal Prostitute, Is Mental in this Interview

Sahil Shah is the founding member of East India Comedy and quite easily the funniest guy I’ve ever met. The room is filled with pop culture memorabilia. I see a Hulk, Wolverine and even a Tardis, somehow I have a feeling this interview is going to be a fun one.

After a few basic questions about how and why he got into comedy. I was quite surprised to know his parents (both doctors) were supportive of his work and encouraged him to follow his passion. I asked Sahil to crack a few impromptu jokes on the most boring thing I could imagine: nails. Little did I know I would be treated to three back-to-back puns that made me laugh harder than I should I have.

And what on earth is a verbal prostitute? Well you’d have to watch the video to find out.