Salon Inspection Gone Bad? What Are Your Options?

If during a Board inspection, an inspector acts inappropriate, you should inform the Board


Beauty shop owners seem to be in shock for a minute after an inspection has taken place. It seems we all think we are doing good, obeying the rules, just to find out about the many violations that the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology identifies during their visit.

The truth is, that most salon owners and licensees never look at the Rules and Regulations again after passing their exam. And that is understandable – it’s not a fun read. But, at the end of the day, this is not about fun. It’s about staying informed and about protection of the consumer AND the licensee.

We often receive calls from beauty shop owners after a Board inspection has taken place. Many owners feel treated unfairly and ask for our advice, want to hear about the options they have in reacting to this unfair treatment. Licensees and owners sometimes feel intimidated by the Board’s representative, they feel that the inspector is in a power position and that they have no tools to stand up for themselves.

I am glad to tell you that this is not true! You can stand up for yourself!

If, during a Board inspection, an inspector acts inappropriate, you should inform the Board. If you believe that you have been cited for violations, but you did not do anything wrong, you should appeal the Board’s decision. Always keep in mind though, the inspector will take photographs during the inspection. Saying that, I frankly mean: Don’t appeal a citation you do in fact deserve 🙂

Bottom line is, if treated unfairly, you CAN fight back! The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology can not improve their work if they are not made aware of possible issues. It is much more productive to actually complain to the Board, than holding resentments for the next 10 years – and we all know, that’s usually what we do.

by calinjurylawyer

Our No 1 advice for frustrated Salon owners and licensees is: educate yourself, evaluate your business and identify your weaknesses. Call and get helped by a professional if you are not up to date with current Rules and Regulations, or if you simply don’t want or have time to deal with it. Feel free to call us if you need a little guidance. (Salon Inspector, LLC is always available for a 100% free consultation. Visit us online or call (310) 927-8188 for information.)

Be proactive and fix your compliance issues. If you get inspected, and you REALLY have done all you can to make your beauty shop a safe and clean salon, you will not have to fear an inspection or get intimidated by an inspector. Your fines, if you get any at all, will be insignificant.

Be prepared for your next inspection.

Source by Monika Herzog Butler