Sand Snakes, Flashbacks and Greyjoys: What to Expect from Season 5

Season 5 is finally upon us! The source material is supposedly from the fourth book in the series, A Feast for Crows and maybe a bit of A Dance with Dragons. Those who have read the books know what’s coming although the writers of the show tend to diverge from the books. This is what we expect to see in the next ten episodes.


1. Something New

image 1, GoT


image 2, GoT


Twelve new names have been added to the cast. They include The Red Viper’s brother (Prince Doran Martell) and the Viper’s three bastard daughters. Prince Doran’s son Trystane and the Captain of Doran Martell’s guards are also expected to make an appearance. Wildling warg Varamyr Sixskins, Bronn’s wife Lollys Stokeworth, and religious folk such as Septa Unella, High Septon, The High Sparrow. Maggy the frog, a fortune teller, a slave owner named Yezzan and the Waif. Phew!

2. Something Old

Nell Williams has been cast as a Young Cersei. So expect a few important flashback scenes involving a younger Cersei.

3. No Bran and Hodor

Bran and Hodor will not feature in season 5 in spite of being major characters in A Feast of Crows. They may be pushed into the next season. We are glad to hear this since their storyline can be really yawn-inducing.

4. Cersei’s Punishment

I don’t want to reveal anything about this highly anticipated scene. Watch it for a typical GoT shock and horror.

5. More of the Greyjoys

We see a bit of them in the trailer so we can expect a few scenes from the other Greyjoy brothers, Balon, Aeron, Euron and Victarion. The Greyjoys were not given much exposure in the previous seasons and feature prominently in the A Feast for Crows.

6. A New Tyrion

Tyrion as we know is wanted for killing his father as well as being convicted for murdering Joffrey. In the show he will land up in Pentos with Varys. He is also sporting a hood and beard which indicates he has gone into hiding.

7. Varys (The Spider) Shows Us What He’s All About

Not much is known about Varys but we know he knows everything. Varys is expected to have a bigger role to play in the coming books/show. In the trailer we hear he serves the realm. But which realm exactly? He mentions, “The seven kingdoms need a ruler loved by millions with a powerful army and the right family name.” And he says it doesn’t have to be a male. This sets the tone for an exciting plotline to come.

8. Arya Fighting

image 9, GoT


Arya as we know has set sail for Braavos. She is expected to train with the ‘Faceless men’ but she is shown been denied entry in the trailer. She will become more of a bad-ass than she already is, that’s for sure.

9. A Darker Sansa

We will see quiet obedient Sansa turn into cunning and manipulative. She even manages to manipulate Littlefinger.

10. Daenerys is Tested

Daenerys stays put more or less at Mereen but her rule is tested heavily. Her dragons are also slowly going out of control.

11.The Baratheons and Their New Army

They are building their army and are waiting to gather strength to attack King’s landing.

12. A New Location

The summery Isle of Dorne will make an appearance in the new season. The Sand Snakes (the bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell) have been trained in combat by their father. They want to annihilate all the Lannisters.