Secret of The Five Elements


Secret of The Five Elements

As mentioned, the Tao exists in between Yin and Yang. All existence has a beginning and an ending. The Tao is the path in between the beginning and ending. The Tao is existences progress. If the path is divided into five stages, it would become the five stages of existence which are Birth, Growth, Mature, Decline and Death.

The five elements are references of the five stages of existence.

The five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal

Five Stages of Existence:

Birth   ==> Growth ==> Mature ==> Decline ==> Death

Water ==> Wood  ==>  Fire      ==> Earth    ==> Metal

Creation Cycle of the Five Elements

  • Water gave birth to Wood.
  • Wood gave birth to Fire.
  • Fire gave birth to Earth. (When wood is burned, it turns in to Earth.)
  • Earth gave birth to Metal (Metals come from the ground.)
  • Metal. Metal gave birth to Water. (When a solid melts, it becomes liquid.)

Water ==> Wood ==> Fire ==> Earth ==> Metal ==> Water

Creation Cycle

Creation Cycle of the Five Elements

Water gave birth to wood. In Chinese, it is called water sheng (?) Wood. The Chinese character sheng (?) can also be interpreted as creation and nourishment. In other words, water gave birth to wood can be interpreted as water creates and nourishes wood. Creation is a force that keeps its descending element alive and healthy. Wood cannot exist without water. Thus, water is auspicious and beneficial to wood. The terms “give birth to”, “creation”, and “nourishment”, are used interchangeably throughout this website. The basic meaning of these terms is beneficial too.

Destruction Cycle of the Five Elements

As there is a force of creation, there is also a force for destruction. Otherwise, life will exist forever.

  • Water afflicts Fire.
  • Fire afflicts Metal (fire melts metal).
  • Metal afflicts Wood (as ax chops down a tree).
  • Wood afflicts Earth (The roots of a tree hold soil in place and absorb the nutrition from the earth)
  • Earth afflicts Water (When the earth is thrown into a puddle, water is absorbed).

Water ==> Fire ==> Metal ==> Wood ==> Earth ==> Water

Destruction Cycle

Destruction Cycle of the Five Elements

Water afflicts fires in Chinese it is called water ke (?) fire. The Chinese character ke (?) means harmful to, hostile to, and destroy. Because of it, water is harmful and hostile to fire. The term harmful hostile and destroy are used interchangeably throughout this website.

The Relationships Between the force of creation and destruction and the Self

Destruction Cycle

Creation Cycle and Destruction Cycle of the Five Elements Combined

Have you ever wondered, why there are only five elements, not four and not six? Assuming that each of us (all existences) have two forces, the force of creation and the force destruction. I exist, therefore I possess these forces. Actively, I can create and I can destroy. Passively, I exist because I myself was created by the force of creation; one day I will cease existing because I will be destroyed by the force of destruction.

Four relationships of Existence:

————————– Active (Yang)—– Passive (Yin)

Positive (Yang)——–To Create——— Created By

Negative (Yin)———To Destroy——– Distroyd By

The self is I (who ?). It is I myself being the existence and because I exist, relationships are being formed between me and others. If I am fire (element of fire) then I was created by wood since wood gave birth to fire. Wood nourished me and I was grown. Wood is my parent. My creation is earth. Earth is my children. Earth deprives me. I am afflicted by water since water puts out the fire. Water hindrances my growth. To me, water is my authority. Because I exist and being what I am, I have a natural tendency to cause affiliation on a medal. I am fire and fire melts metal. Metal is my wealth. The four relationships, parent children, authority, wealth and I from the five elements.



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