Self Help To Stop Drinking

Is it useful to embark on a self-help program to stop drinking?


The various ways by which you can stop yourself from drinking is by analyzing the main reason behind drinking. Often it is noticed that detachment from love provokes one to drink alcohol. To keep oneself free from the pain of separation drinking seems to be the only alternative. In this case, the family plays a vital role. The emotional support of the family members can help you to forget the pain.It is also important for you to keep away from the company that introduced you to the addiction. This has to be a conscious effort on your part to avoid bad company. Even in the house, you should be careful not to keep things that would provoke you to drink. You should definitely get rid of the bottles that are still unused, remaining portions of alcohol and the glasses which you used for drinking.

The best way to stop drinking is by confiding your problem in someone. The counselor would be the right option. A frank and free discussion with the counselor will not only make feel relaxed but will also help you to reduce the intensity of the addiction. Usually, professionals, who deal with such cases often, are able to instruct ways and means of getting rid of the addiction naturally.

Another effective way to free your own self from the addiction to drinking is by engaging in some sports or voluntary service. This not only keeps you busy but it refreshes the mind too. Total involvement in the sports or your work gives you little time to think about alcohol. Moreover, the task you have been entrusted with will give you a sense of responsibility. Your self-esteem will very naturally reject alcohol. All of this needs a lot of courage and determination.A combination of the health hazards that will follow a drinking binge is what you need to think about very seriously. This best done by a professional who will easily convince you that drinking is a menace and that you are inviting health problems in the process. The importance of self-help is that you will never again grow addicted towards alcohol because you have given it up yourself.

The self-help strategies are very fruitful provided you stick to your determination. The all time effective measure could be the change of place. With a new set up and environment, you are bound to think differently because new acquaintances and the new landscape to have a soothing effect on the mind of the people. The mind stays diverted towards other things and the urge to drink automatically reduces.

Meditation on a regular basis can be extremely helpful. The concentration of the mind on matters far away from the material world keeps the brain cool. The breathing exercises along with the meditation are a universally accepted treatment. The toxins from the body are cleared away leaving the body clean. The cleansed body diminishes the chances of the recurring desires to drink. Peer pressure at times is the prime reason why even teenagers start drinking. The source of money for the youngsters is another cause for this unrestricted habit of drinking. Part time jobs are very easy to get. Therefore the parents need to keep the necessary vigil over the finance of their children.

Before embarking on a self-help program to stop drinking you should be careful about diet once you stop drinking. The gap in intake will naturally make you hungry and you will want to fill it up with your favorite food. In this case, it is wise to keep light food nearby. Biscuits or light cookies are the best. Do not give yourself the chance to grab the bottle at the slightest pretext.

Source by Roberto Sedycias