7 Types Of Girlfriends You See in Relationships

What type of girlfriend do you have?

Everyone knows that the most interesting character in a guy’s life is his girl and no more so than when the girl is his girlfriend. Let’s be real: we’ve all been observing the girls around us so here is a list of seven types of girls in relationships.

1. The Total Foodie

These girls fall short of all the loving names for their significant other and end up giving them names like, “cholla-bhatura, rassgulla, cheeku, pakode, makhan, gol-gappe”. Trust me; it is the most hilarious thing ever.

2. The Evil Candice

She ends up being annoyed with every little thing her boyfriend does, even when her boyfriend is pretty awesome. She is super ungrateful and she doesn’t realize what a catch her man is. She can never stop complaining.

girlfriend 1

3. The Lover Girl

She is the one who is obsessively in love. She ends up fussing over every conversation with her boyfriend. Oh! We never stop talking about how lovely her boyfriend is. She constantly harps about her boyfriend. I said ‘Hi’. Not ‘OMG pls show me the cute texts your boyfriend/girlfriend sends you!’

4. The Gift Diva

“Honey, give me a ring?” Guy ends up giving her a call on phone. BAM! Breakup. There’s always a girlfriend who can think about nothing else but gifts. First meeting anniversary, kiss anniversary, message anniversary, date anniversary, you gotta celebrate all of them in a posh hotel.

girlfriend 2

5. The Crazy Girlfriend

She can make a date special, even if it is a street food date or candle light dinner on terrace. She has boundaries and always chooses “dare” in Truth or Dare. She will always go out with you and sometimes she makes you cringe in embarrassment. She doesn’t care about how much you spend, all she cares about is how much time you are with her.

6. The Bossy Betty

They always win the fights (who cares if they’re right or wrong). They can never stop giving instructions and arguing with her other half. She’s the man in the relationship. Do as you are told!

girlfriend 3

7. The Psycho Sasha

She is the crazy jealous girlfriend. She checks your texts, Facebook account, emails, BBM, Viber, whatsapp and god forbid you forget to call her every two hours. It means you were cheating on her!