Sharing In Your Relationship

We were not designed and created to live in isolation. And that is why we have someone – be it a brother, sister, father, mother, relatives, friends and even “enemies” by our side. Someone to complain or rejoice with/of.

To live a longer and healthier life we need to live in co-existence. We need to share our life experiences- good or bad. Sharing entails giving – tangible and intangible things – and collecting a part of a whole. Giving, alone, is good but sharing bonds. Hence keeping a relationship alive and kicking involves a great deal of sharing – a sharing that is from the inner of hearts.

Sharing is good but what we share and how do we share it can make or mare the intention(s) of sharing. What can I share in a relationship I am in? What you share is a decision that is entirely yours to make but the message to send is that you care. Well, to solve this I think we can make do with some giving that is small but mighty.

Sharing your time, listening to your spouse, friend or colleague, giving opinions only when solicited for, implanting kisses and hugs, giving flowers, helping the elderly in our society, carrying out household chores and many other ways are very simple to do but they are mighty in bonding families, friends and well wisher together. Other more demanding ways to share include providing shelter, food and any other tangible goods

Let’s endeavor to re-create a friendlier and better society by encouraging sharing. A great scientist – Albert Einstein – once said that it is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. You may want to ask what have I taken from the society? Well I may not know what you have gotten from the society but what I want you to do is share with the world, your friends, families and loved ones those things you have in you and not give because by doing this you create a better bond.

Permit me to say that in relationships, it is more blessed to share than to give.

Source by HOSEA