Should You Write Love Letters To Get Your Ex Back

Be sincere and honest about your feelings.

Should you write letters to get your ex back?  This is a really good question.  Long ago people really only had two forms of communication.  They could speak face to face verbally or they could communicate long distance via letters.  Today we have a multitude of ways to communicate with the written word.  We can write letters on paper, faxes, text messages, emails, chat programs, MMS, Twitter, Facebook, and others.  Some people will actually attempt all of these forms of communication to get their lover back.

Let’s take a look at the good and bad points of writing letters to communicate with your ex.  Looking at it from a positive perspective writing letters will allow you to express feelings that you may have trouble communicating verbally.  There are some people who simply can not express themselves in a face to face situation.  Letters allow them to express their true feelings in an elegant and eloquent way.  This can be a really good thing for them.

Some people consider written communication to be impersonal when dealing with delicate relationship issues such as breaking up or giving bad news.  If someone breaks up with you via a text message or a letter you will probably be very angry with that person.  Even though a breakup is very hard on both parties.  Your ex will have much more respect for you in the future if you have the guts to do it in person.  They may not like it, but they will respect it.  The same goes for attempting to get your ex back.  Letters are fine, but if you have the intestinal fortitude to stand in front of your ex and let them know what you really feel it may go a long way toward winning them back.

Anyone who can learn to communicate with their ex verbally is going to not only have a better relationship with the ex going forward but will have better relationships period.  Learning to communicate your feelings is essential for a long lasting relationship, and something you should learn to do A.S.A.P

With that said many times being too direct can be problematic.  So sometimes it is better to take a step back and put some distance between you and your ex.  Writing a letter does just that.  It provides distance and at the same time allows you to communicate with your ex.

The debate about letter writing versus the more direct approach of face to face verbal communication may never be resolved.  Take into account your own personal situation and the person that you are trying to communicate with.  Think about which approach you think they will appreciate and give it a try.  Most of all are sincere and honest about your feelings.

Source by Kitwana D Akil