Siblings with a Generation Gap

What it’s like to have a sibling who is more than a decade younger/older

Most people have siblings their own age– they grow up with them, they play together and are sometimes best friends. There are many persons who have siblings that are born 15 and in some cases almost 30 years later. Redditors who have siblings with major age gaps describe the unique relationship they share with them.

1. Like a Lazy Dad and a Confused Kid

My dad is 25 years older than my uncle. Watching them interact is almost like a lazy step-father with a bemused son. My dad goes into “dad mode” pretty easily with him, but stops short of telling him what to do because they’re both adults. [StupidCleverName]

2. My Aunt’s Like My Sister

My mom is 15 years older than her sister. There’s a smaller age gap between me and my aunt. My aunt was kinda spoiled as the baby and my mom didn’t really do much to stop it. My aunt acts more like my older sister than my aunt sometimes. [Desert_Unicorn]

3. ‘Little Aunt’

I knew a girl in elementary school who had a nephew older than her. He was a teenager when she was like eight or so. He’d call her his ‘little aunt’. [Faiakishi ]

4. I Admire My Kid Sister

My kid sister is sixteen years younger than me. I’m the eldest of four siblings. For whatever reason, I’m closer to her than anybody else. I took her snorkeling when she was ten and for years afterward and it’s influenced her entire life.

I admire her a great deal. She’s still getting her PhD and will be the most educated one in our immediate family. She works hard, takes care of herself, and is very smart. []autoposting_system]

5. I’m Like a Father Figure

I have a sister 10 years younger than me. She was unfortunate enough to be born as my dad started going through a rough time with depression and drinking. So, I’ve actually been more of a father figure to her than my actual dad. I’m very proud of her. [Judge_Bredd2]

6. She’s Like My Kid

I’m 25 and my sister is almost 4. She’s like a daughter to me and many people assume so as well. My mother and her husband are now moving out of state and I don’t know what I’m going to do with out my little baby sister. I’m going to miss out on her best moments. I feel as if I’m losing my own child.

Lately I’ve been very busy with life and have been acting angry about my family moving away and taking her away. I’ve often found myself ignoring her when I should be spending every last moment I have with her. [Emphasizedsd]


I’m 29 and my mother just had a baby. It’s weird AF. [reddy_freddy_]

8. He Was Like a Mum and Dad

My brother was 14 years older than me. Honestly, he functioned as both my mom and dad. My parents were in the middle of a messy split right after I was born. He is still the person I have loved most in my life, although he has been gone for 8 years. [NZT-48Rules]

9. She’s Like My First Daughter

My mom had a baby when I was 18 and she was divorcing my stepfather. I took her to daycare, sat with her and changed diapers all while trying to go to college and work. I see her as my first daughter and that is how we interact. It was good training for fatherhood. [shnog]

10. Very Weird

I’m 28 and my dad and his gf are expecting a baby. It is pretty weird. [TiddySpanks]

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