Simple Steps To Have An Enjoying Coffee Enema Experience

Although coffee enema is not a popular cleansing method, it has been around many years ago. The coffee enema is not the same from saline enema due to the substances such as caffeine in coffee that could stimulate the liver to speed up the detoxification process. So, how to start your own coffee enema?

The coffee enema is simple and convenient. If you follow a step by step instruction, you can do your own coffee enema or by yourself. This way doesn’t require any supervision by professionals. Here’s a simple guide to making your own coffee enema at home:

Here’re 3 steps to make your own coffee enema: prepare the materials and supplies, cook the coffee, enter the coffee into the body. Firstly, you need to get a reusable enema kit because it is suggested that you do a coffee enema every day for a week to see obvious results. Next, you need to purchase a pack of organic coffee that is not decaffeinated, a pot, a jug that could contain more than 1.5 liters of coffee.

Put 2 teaspoons of coffee powder with  3 cups of water or more in the pot. Keep it boiling for 10 minutes. After boiling it, pour some cool and purified or filtered into the jug and pour the coffee you’ve cooked. Add extra water to make sure the coffee reaches 1.5 liters. Use your hand to make sure the temperature of the coffee is warm. It is important not to use hot liquid or coffee to do a coffee enema.

Lastly, use the coffee to do your coffee enema just like how you do the normal enema. The steps are simple and convenient. Try to hold on to the coffee for 10 minutes when it enters your body. On the first few times, you might not be able to hold a half bag of the coffee. Do not try to force yourself to do so. Release everything into the toilet bowl and continue your coffee enema with the rest of the coffee.

If you follow the steps, you’ll notice liquid stools that are dark in color and smell horrible. Those are the wastes you removed from your body with coffee. It’s also possible that you get to see some worm shape parasites. Enjoy your coffee enema.

Source by Jack Liew