6 Easy Funky Ways To Re-style Old Jeans

Is your favorite pair of jeans too old but you just can’t throw them away? Or you want to give your plain boring jeans a new look? Here, are six easy DIY (Do It Yourself) tricks which will help you reuse your jeans in an absolute new style.

1. Chop Them Off


This being the easiest DIY requires you to chop your pair of jeans into hot pants. You can sew the bottom part or leave it distressed because it looks cool either way. If you have a spot on your jeans that you’re not able to get rid of, then this DIY is made for you.

2. Paint Them


Sounds crazy but you can actually dye your jeans at your home. Be it a funky print or a tribal one, you can do all that at home. All you need is some fabric colors and sprays and you’re good to go! Make sure you’re not scared to experiment.

3. Rip Them


Do your jeans look old? Let’s make them look more old and distressed (fashion is crazy? Yeah). Grab a pair of scissors and tweezers and you can start styling your own distressed jeans at home.

4. Bleach Them

The next way to reuse jeans is by bleaching it. Acid washed jeans look cool and very retro. It is very much in trend and looks perfect with a basic white tee.

5. Accessorize It


You can grab some extra fabric, beads or studs and make patterns around the pockets of your jeans. It adds definition to it and is very easy to do.

6. Turn It into a Skirt

Now this sounds weird but it is possible. The pencil skirt looks trendy and creative. It is part of my must try list.

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