Six Places to Hang Out around Mithibai College

Bayside Journal brings to you the best places to satisfy your food cravings in Vile Parle

Shree Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal (SVKM) is a well-known public charitable trust that has built some of the most famous schools and colleges in Mumbai, such as Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, Usha Pravin Gandhi College of Management, and so on. Most of these colleges are situated in Vile Parle, with little-to-no-distance between them, and so creating a hub for teenagers. Needless to say, any happening ‘hub’ has to offer you some lip-smacking food, because, of course we, teenagers, are always famished! So, Bayside Journal brings to you a list of the top ‘Must Go to’ places near SVKM colleges.

1. The Chocolate Heaven

A little café near Mithibai College, is actually ‘heaven’ for all the sweet toothed people out there. With the smell of coffee and chocolate wafting around, this homey little place offers you home-made waffles, milkshakes, coffee and cakes. Nutella waffle and Toblerone milkshake are the dishes that have owned this café its fame. So, the next time you have a craving for chocolate (well, when don’t we!), you know where to go!


2. The VJ Cafe

At an average of a three-minute-walk from Mithibai and NM College, this is a fancy little eatery with cool tables and an even cooler menu! Smoking hot fries in about 50 different flavours are the speciality of this place. Apart from that, the place offers drinks and desserts too. This self-designated ‘friendliest cafe’ is run by a small group of young boys who might be some of the warmest (girls, the pun is intended) people you’ve ever seen.

img1 (1)

3. The Food Stretch Opposite Mithibai College and NM College

The road opposite these colleges is decked with ever-busy, overcrowded food stalls. If you are one of those with light wallets and tight schedules, this is the way to go! Everything from ‘Anand ka Vada Pav’ to ‘Dheeraj ka Dosa’ to ice creams, sodas, and frankies, this road will never fail you!

Anand ka Vada Pav
Dheeraj ka Dosa

4. Common Food Chains

There are a number of common food chains around these colleges as well such as the ever-present McDonalds, Dominos, and Subway. These classics have always been favourites among youngsters who flock to these places. They’re surely lovin’ it!

5. Dairy Don

Situated right outside Mithibai College, this small shop is the perfect place for refreshing drinks and ice creams. Cold Cocoa is an all-time favourite among students who regularly visit this shop.


6. Mithibai College Canteen

Undoubtedly, the biggest college canteen in Mumbai, this canteen is a favourite, not only among Mithibai’s students, but also among students from other colleges. Although entry is prohibited for outsiders, students always find a way to sneak into this college canteen and get awed by its vastness, ambience, plush interiors and good lighting. It offers almost everything on the menu including chat, desserts and a mini bakery. A constant favourite among students is the grilled sandwich. The place is always overcrowded and noisy, full of excited students irrespective of their break timings.

So, now you know where to go when you’re near one of these colleges and are planning to snack on something light on your wallets, as well as your tummy!