Skin lightening cream, black women and getting a new job

Black women in the United States and United Kingdom, have been at the forefront in using hair accessories like lace wigs, and Indian Remy hair weaves, to enhance their appearance, and controversially some also have used skin lightening creams to even out and brighten their skin tones.

However, increasingly, as the repercussions of the global economic crises is felt and people are losing their jobs, skin lightening, is taking on a new significance for a number of black women in the United States and Great Britain.As companies downsize in the United States, and government jobs in Great Britain are lost, vast numbers of black women are being affected. As many of these women have families, the strain is doubly hard for them to find new places of work.The response, for many black women has been to invest not only in getting better qualifications, but also to invest in enhancing their appearance, to create a professional image for potential employers, in a bid to get new jobs.

Employers across different sectors all said, when questioned, that the appearance of potential candidates, influenced their decision, as a good appearance reflected well on the company.

According to a survey of over 820 employers in the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom a clear, blemish free, bright complexion contributed to creating a highly professional and well groomed appearance, and would influence their decision to employ a person.

Large numbers of black women are beginning to see the payoff, from investing in safe natural skin lightening creams and other specialist black skincare products, with an increase in employment rates. The main issue however with skin lightening creams in this context is safety, due to the fact that the neighbourhood stores owned by Korean business people in the United states and by Pakistani’s in the United Kingdom, that sell products aimed at Black women, have been found to sell skin lightening creams that contain mercury, high levels of steroids and even battery acids, which has wreaked havoc on the health and appearance of black women who have made the mistake of buying unregulated and untested products from them. Fortunately, specialist black skincare companies, like, have developed ranges of skin lightening creams that use plant ingredients and enzymes to help lighten and balance the skin tone, and have experienced a massive surge in orders from black women, who are seeking to enhance their appearance in order to secure new jobs, in a desperately competitive market.

Although having the ability, and experience to do a job, is the foundation of gaining employment, how a person looks, can be the main factor in whether or not a person gets employed.

According to behavioural scientists, up to 70% of communication between human beings, is non verbal and we each respond to a person, based on how they present themselves.

A black woman, who decides to use a skin lightening treatment to clear and balance their skintones, must ensure that it is of the highest quality in order to convey a professional image, and also to be safe from unscrupulous merchants like neighbourhood hair and beauty shops that sell products without any regard for the health of the consumer., has lead the pack in its efforts to create natural skin lightening creams that are safe to use, and actually nourish the skin, as opposed to the local neighbourhood beauty shop skin lightening creams that have been known to cause irreparable damage to the skin, causing massive discolouration as well as health problems ranging from kidney failure to serious skin diseases.

Assisting black women, back into the work place, by ensuring that they look their best with specialist black skincare products and specialist skin lightening creams, is a new role that companies, like, have to take on, as the global economy struggles to repair itself, and ordinary black women try to get back to work, and improve their lives financially for themselves and their families.

Source by P H Rai