Smokin!!! This Barber Cuts Hair with Fire

He sets his client’s hair on fire as part of his unconventional technique

Credit: Dawn

A simple haircut at the salon with scissors is so passé– try a flambé instead. Shafqat Rajput, a barber in Bahawalpur, in Pakistan’s Punjab province, sets fire to his customer’s hair and casually brushes it with a comb while it is still alight and the repeats the procedure. His method is to sprinkle some powder on his client’s hair, put a flammable spirit on top, set it alight with a lighter for a few seconds before putting it out.Omar Quaraishi, the Pakistani journalist who recorded the video, says the barber refers to his technique as “fire cutting”.

Reportedly, the barber’s unusual method of cutting hair made him a local celebrity a year ago and the video only recently went viral. Nevertheless, it looks really cool albeit dangerous.

Fire-cutting is actually quite common around the world. There’s an Italian barber who uses a candle to burn off split ends and has been popular for decades in South America. Cleopatra apparently had her hair singed regularly to get that thick, glossy look she was famous for.