Smoking and Dating Smokers

Everything you should know about before dating smokers

Smoking is starting to take its toll on public dealings and economics. There is an increase in smoke-free spaces, accommodation and smoke-free vehicles. Even sale price of property is affected (McIntyre 2004). As such a study was conducted in 2004 showing the link between smoking and dating success. (Chapman 2004 MJA).

On Australia’s top dating website RSVP, some interesting conclusions were drawn up regarding dating and smokers. It showed on the dating website that within the adult dating community:

1)women and older men were more likely to be smokers.

2)Those judged most attractive were significantly less like to be smoking cigarettes

This link between smoking and dating was real and duplicated in the UK dating service Dateline. Which said, “Often, if one of our clients queries that they haven’t received many responses from potential partners, we can trace it back to the fact they admitted on their ‘compatibility’ form to being a heavy smoker. It’s amazing how many smokers then call us back a week later to inform us that they’ve now decided to kick the habit!”. From the DoH UK’s report titled New statistics show smokers are losing out in love. (press release) 2000; Feb 11. Their data also showed smokers who were women and older men were less like to find a partner or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

A likely explanation is that smoking is associated with facial wrinkling, hair loss and poorer dental hygiene, which makes it harder to date or find a life partner. The study also concluded that more people looking for dates were smokers and that smoking may be associated with less attractive looks. There are more interesting articles where this came from about quitting smoking


Source by Clement Yong