Smoking Causes Lung Cancer

Kill the root of health cancer by quitting smoking

Every ending comes from a beginning. The same is the case when it comes to human respiratory health. Indeed, what gets into your system will most definitely determine what goes out. This means that if you begin smoking deadly cigarettes, your lung will ingest the garbage that can conjure lung cancer. After that, tragedy follows.


This is a known fact for people all over the world. Sadly, not too many people seem to pay much attention to this truth. This is the very reason why people continue smoking even though they know that it may lead to such a deadly disease. Most of the time, this is due to their lack of insight on how the whole deterioration process really works. If you are one of these people, but you want to know the details behind this general knowledge, then you better read on. It’s time for you to discover how and why smoking is really the rot that bears the lung cancer fruit.


At first, a person just puffs a cigarette and smokes for no reason at all. During this process, the body absorbs the nicotine found in most cigarettes, as well as the other ingredients found in cigarettes. What they may not know is that cigarettes do not just consist of nicotine. It also consists of dried leaves and herbs which may prove harmless at first, but cause far more devastating effects when burned. Upon burning, carcinogens are produced and go directly into the lungs.

These carcinogens are not released from the lungs, once they enter the system. They are not excreted through respiration, urination or defecation. As such, every stick of cigarette smoked can add up to the amount of carcinogen in the lungs. Once enough carcinogens are accumulated inside the lungs, the deterioration process begins. The lung starts to degenerate and respiratory dysfunction starts to take place. It will stay at this stage for a certain time span; depending on how hooked a person is on the habit.


This stage is not noticeable at first, especially when lung cancer is still in its curable stage. However, once the symptoms become obvious, cancer starts to spread faster. Before you know it, your lungs will almost be completely consumed by the killer disease. Finally, when cancer spreads, the lungs will start to stop processing the oxygen you breathe in. When this happens, fatal results may just be around the corner.

Now that you know these details, you may start to look at smoking and lung cancer’s connection with more prudence and thought. This should inspire you to quit smoking as soon as possible. The younger you do so, the better this will be for your health. This has been proven by studies all over the world. Kill the root of health cancer to free yourself from the tragedy of its fruit. It may be hard especially if you are a smoker… but it certainly isn’t impossible to do.

Source by Aakash Shah