Soak in Seattle at 500 Feet

For the best view in the city, soak in Seattle at the SkyCity Restaurant

Image: Flickr/SkyCity

Dining in a rotating restaurant is quite the experience, especially when it includes the Seattle skyline, complete with great views of downtown, Elliott Bay, Mount Rainier and the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges. Seated 500 feet above the ground, the SkyCity Restaurant is a punch of the Pacific Northwest.

With reservations highly recommended, SkyCity is open for lunch Monday – Friday, dinner each night of the week and offers a special brunch on Saturday and Sunday only. Although the menu mandates a minimum food and beverage charge, SkyCity is a family friendly environment complete with a complimentary trip to the observation deck.

Built as a symbol of the Space Age over 50 years ago, the Space Needle is quite an interesting icon that everyone should visit at least once. A recent visit met all of my expectations. I was not surprised by the minimum charge and thought visiting the restaurant made sense for lunch, given the $ 25 minimum. A trip to the observation deck alone is approximately $ 20.

As I soaked in the views, I decided to start with the Clam and Corn Chowder and it was nothing but divine. The complimentary olive bread was an ideal added element and turned out to be an ideal addition to dip in the soup.

Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese
Facebook/SkyCity at the Needle Restaurant – Space Needle

Following my starter, I had my heart set on the Dungeness Crab and Oregon Shrimp Salad complete with avocado, tomatoes and sliced eggs. I certainly was not prepared for the size of this dish. To ensure I took advantage of my visit my husband ordered the Wild King Salmon sandwich and a friend selected the Dungeness Crab Mac and Cheese, which allowed me to taste all 3!

A bite of the Mac and Cheese was just enough to explore their menu offerings. I would not find myself ordering this as an entrée as it turned out to be just too cheesy for me. The salad was heavy on crab and shrimp; They did not hold back. You certainly get to explore the city’s seafood selection with this one. The salmon sandwich turned out to be just as tasty as the waiter recommended. With a heavy portion of salmon, followed up with a couple strips of peppered bacon on focaccia bread, I would absolutely suggest this entrée.

Facebook/SkyCity at the Needle Restaurant – Space Needle

With a 2-hour time allowance with our reservation, we had plenty of time to relax, enjoy the views and each other’s company. Good-sized entrée portions, following my starter provided to be too much; I had no room to explore the dessert menu. An extensive wine list and craft beers are also available to accompany your meal. A great way to try one of Seattle’s many local offerings.

Facebook/SkyCity at the Needle Restaurant – Space Needle

For the best view in the city, soak in Seattle at the SkyCity Restaurant. The experience is bucket list worthy!

Source by Chelsey Washington