Social Housing and Social Services jobs in the UK

Social services jobs are meant to improve the quality of life of the people as an individual, group or community by providing your service. Social housing jobs on the other hand are available as permanent job, temporary job or jobs on contract. These jobs are available at all the positions and include jobs like housing administration jobs, jobs for maintenance. You can also get job for housing management as well as customer or tenant service jobs in the UK.

Opportunities: There are several jobs available for under social hosing jobs which include admin or business support, building survey and their maintenance, clerks, customer service etc. You can also find job opportunities like hostel workers, Advisor for housing and homelessness, community development services etc. The social housing jobs are available at local authorities, social landlords who are registered, housing associations as well as regeneration and development agencies.

One of the social housing jobsis that of a homeless officer. He has the responsibility of assessing any homeless application and providing necessary advice for housing. Another job is for scheme manager whose job is to provide effective housing support to the elderly people in the society. Similarly a housing officer job will mainly be to a property which may vary from 300 to 800 sites, handling any anti-social behavior. You may also be responsible for managing the tenancy.

· Social Services Jobs Social services jobs are the most lucrative job in UK available if you are interested in serving the poor and needy. Thorough social services you aim to help those in need to improve their quality of life at the same time give them the much needed support.

· Social Service career Most of the students who aim to be social service worker are passionate towards their work and they need guidance to turn their passion into a fulfilling career. To have a social service jobs the things that you may need is a vision, a true mentor and willingness to participate in professional development programs.

· Define your Vision Well to reach a goal you need to have a well-defined vision and a timeline to achieve that goal. Always make a vision board and make lists of thing that you may need to do to achieve the set goal.

· Mentor Mentor is one who guides you in decision making and achieving your goal. A mentor can help you define your vision and attaining the set goal. Mentor helps to develop the mentee professionally as well as personally. Mentoring can be done individually or in a group.

· Participate in Professional Development You can join some professional development programs which will help you develop professionally and give or land you mentally, physically and monetarily satisfying social services jobs. Developing new skills will add new features to your profile making you the most suitable candidate for social services job. There are forums in the UK which help develop professional and skill development program through networking. In networking a group of people who are part of the network work together on a cause and provide services to the people to support that cause.

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