Some Dishes a Food Processor Can Help Make Easier

This single unit functions as several different kitchen aids

Many dedicated cooks will tell you that a food processor is an item that they could not do without in their kitchens. This is because there are so many dishes a food processor can help make easier. Food processors are an excellent kitchen tool to have whether you enjoy making homemade meals from scratch, or simply want to make a quick drink or meal to go.

You save counter space and money with a food processor because this single unit functions as several different kitchen aids. You can chop, grate, blend, mix, and even serve from a food processor to eliminate the need for multiple cooking aids and dirtying extra bowls, utensils, and serving dishes. It is much easier to clean your food processor than a sink full of dishes. A food processor does most of the work for you and reduces the amount of time you would have to spend using a myriad of other kitchen appliances just to get the job done without one. You will be able to shave costs from your grocery bills as well because a food processor can turn leftovers and food scraps into delicious meals in no time at all to make your food go further

There are many virtues of having a food processor in your kitchen. Food processors are popular with homemakers and those with busy schedules who do not have a lot of time for cooking. You may be wondering just what dishes a food processor can help you make easier. There are multitudes of cookbooks dedicated to meals made using food processors, and you can find many of them online for quick meal ideas and recipes.

Here are some ideas for dishes, drinks, snacks and more that a food processor can help make easier that perhaps you and your family might enjoy. This might help you to start thinking of your own ideas for dishes you would like to surprise your family with tonight or to send them off to school or work on a good note with in the morning.

Fast and Healthy Breakfasts

    • Carrot and other favorite vegetable juice drinks. A couple of carrots and an apple added for sweetness is a terrific and nutrition-packed morning juice.
    • Fresh and thawed frozen fruit mixed with low fat or skim milk provides calcium and other vital nutrients in rich fruit smoothies the whole family might like.
    • Muffin and bread mixes readied for baking with ease make an extra special treat for beginning your day with a snap. Storing after mixing for later use also means you can have freshly baked foods any time of the day.
    • Transform fruits, cheeses ham, sausage, and other foods into truly scrumptious blended spreads to use on bread, inside tortillas, and even on crackers for quick breakfast meals.
    • Pancake and waffle mixes can be whirled together quickly.

Appetizers and Dips

    • Mix up a tangy salsa dip and serve with tortilla chips for a no-hassle snack sure to please everyone.
    • Minced onion and green pepper, and a splash of spices blended with sour cream or yogurt will give you a creamy dip for veggies, chips, or crackers.
    • Potato, a broccoli and cauliflower, or other soups your family loves will yield yummy and comforting meals that are perfect for lunch or dinner that is a breeze to make often.
    • Sandwich spreads are a nice change from your basic lunch meat sandwich or from fast food choices.

Cakes and Cookies

Whip up batches of your families much-loved cakes and cookies in minutes, bake and then serve warm to the delight of everyone.

No bake cookies, pies, and cakes are also great tasting and simple to put together for cooling until set in the fridge thanks to the food processor.

Salads and Dressings

Make luscious salads to help you and your family get more servings of the vegetables they need for optimal health.

Make your own fresh and healthy dressings to accompany and compliment your salads. Jalapeño ranch dressing is super for those who like it hot. Spices, combined with flavored oils, or chopped vegetables with heavy cream or flavored yogurt added make wonderful dressings.


Use your food processor to cut meats and other foods into smaller pieces that will cook more quickly and evenly in crock-pots, oven dishes, or on the stovetop

Grab leftovers and food scraps and mix for baking, sautéing, or broiling into meals that may become your families’ newest favorites.

The internet is a useful tool for researching various types of food processors and the features they have that make this versatile kitchen appliance one that many people use daily in their kitchens. You can also find help in selecting the right food processor for your particular cooking needs and in a price range that will agree with your budget.

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