South Indian Food- It’s Authentic, Lip Smacking And Costs Very Less

Things one should know about South Indian food


Are you a vegetarian and love eating traditional food?  Then just head on to India, as it is a haven for those who love traditional vegetarian food. One of the best options in Indian cuisine is from the south, it is authentic, it’ delectable as well as it costs very less. Whether it is a cup of traditional filter coffee, freshly prepared Rava vada, soft idlis, delicious masala dosa, with spiced chutney, the choices are extraordinary and when you have all this in a south Indian restaurant, you get back home with not just a full stomach, however a full heart, as well.

If you want to eat food that is light, then any dosa restaurant is a good option for you. Try their authentic south Indian dishes that are available all day long. Whether it is upma, idli sambar or dosa, all the options are filling as well as light on your tummy.

Masala Dosa with potato filling is the best south Indian dish (apparently the main food item eaten in south India), however is liked by all people in the country, as well.

If you visit a South Indian food restaurant, then for breakfast, Idli with coconut chutney or sambar is the best option. Upma prepared from Rava, and vada are other choices, too

For lunch or dinner, there is thali having steamed rice served with sambar, rasam, chutney as well as curries.
One dish that is favorite of everybody in India be it from south or north is vada.

It can differ in shape as well as dimensions, but are generally ring shaped and are between five and eight cm across. These are prepared from lentil or gram flour.

The Vada is a traditional South Indian dish, well-known from the distant past.

It is ordered as a separate item from the menu, however is by no means the main course dish and is eaten as a snack or as a side dish. It is preferably eaten freshly fried, whereas still hot as well as crispy and is served with a range of dips ranging from Sambar to chutney to curd.
There are many restaurants offering best south Indian cuisine in Delhi NCR. Most of them usually offer vegetarian dishes only. So, if you are a vegetarian, then there is nothing better for you than this, visit them to taste their authentic dishes and have the experience of a lifetime.

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