Sparsh: A Helping Hand

Sparsh Child Development Centre helps differently-abled children bond with the outside world

Sparsh Child Development Centre was started on September 20, 2011, and has now become practically a home for differently-abled children. Meeta Gangwani, 47, a housewife tells Bayside Journal about how she came up with the idea of doing something for the differently-abled kids: “Sparsh is not a typical therapy center for kids, we bond here and we connect,” she says.

Meeta doesn’t like to call Sparsh a special school. Sparsh is a place where physically and mentally challenged children are treated with respect and love so that they can grow up to be responsible adults. Meeta says they have seen improvements among kids in less than a year and it leaves them with tears of joy.


“Earlier, Rishikesh was shy and unresponsive, and slowly after six months he became very active, started doing yoga, communicating and like every other kid loves to click pictures now,” says Alka Pawar, one of the staff members at Sparsh. Nayana Thombore, Sona ‘Ma’am’ and other mental health professionals help the children live up to their potential.


Meeta Gangwani, the director and founder, funds these children’s education since many of them are underprivileged. She has also sponsored trips on a regular basis, annual functions and sports activities. The kids celebrate festivals and practice yoga as well.

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On Ganesh Chaturthi they made eco-friendly Ganesh idols and immersed these idols in tubs so as not to harm the environment. This Diwali, they painted 500 diyas.

“It is our thoughts that give them the feeling of being different and we can try not doing that,” says Meeta. Sparsh is looking for donations so that they can expand and reach out to children in need.

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