Spotting a Pest Infestation

Australia, thanks to its sunny and humid climate, is a favourite place for a number of creatures that are considered as ‘pests’ by humans. These vermin are a regular fixture in our homes and offices, but when their numbers increase, it is called infestation which can be a serious problem. Some of the most common pests found in human habitations are ants, spiders, mice and rats, bugs, mites, etc. Some of these are easy to spot with naked eye, while others are so small that their presence doesn’t become apparent till it’s very late. It is always recommended that residential pest control not be ignored when the first signs of infestation become apparent. Either on your own or by hiring a Perth pest control company, always try to nip the problem in the bud before it can create big damages.

So how do you know for sure when to consider the presence of a particular creature as a sign of infestation? Below we share some tips on how to deal with an infestation when it comes to some of the most common pests:


There are about 3000 different types of ants in Australia out of which around 1200 species are found commonly in human habitations. Ants’ nests are notoriously difficult to spot and destroy. If you start noticing that ant population is increasing in your home, try the following steps:

  • Destroy scouting ants
  • Seal the various entry points like cracks in the walls or floorboards
  • Use soap water spray on the ants
  • Use certain items like chalk, white vinegar and spices to keep the ants away, etc.

However, if the above mentioned tricks fail, immediately call a residential pest control company such as BP Direct so as to eliminate the infestation completely and effectively.


Fleas are a big problem for both human and animal inhabitations of a home. Our pets like dogs and cats that have warm skin and fur are especially susceptible to flea attacks. So if you notice you’re your pets are scratching and itching themselves, they might have got fleas, and which means your home has been infested as well. Consult an expert commercial pest control company on how to get rid of these vermin.


Rodents (rats and mice) are one of the biggest threats to our buildings when it comes to infestation.  They not only contaminate our stored food and destroy wires, clothes, papers and other valuables by chewing on them, but also carry deadly diseases. And hence, signs like claw marks on wood or dust, chewed wires/clothes, rat droppings, visual sightings, etc. should be taken seriously since these could mean that your homes have been infested by rodents.

Source by jamie boucicault