St Xavier’s College Bans Ripped Jeans

Mumbai college bans ripped jeans saying that it ‘mocks the poor’

CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Bans seem to be in vogue, and this time a Mumbai college has banned ripped jeans for its students. Earlier this week, St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, issued a circular, banning its students from wearing ripped jeans. When questioned, they said that ripped jeans were a mockery of the poor. The college had previously banned sleeveless tops and shorts. Students are outraged and disappointed and have taken to social media platforms to vent their frustration.

The ban was imposed after a few professors complained that ripped jeans have become an embarrassment during the classes. Times of India quoted the Principal of the college, Agnelo Menezes, as saying, “Torn clothes are worn by the poor because they have no choice, and one cannot make it a fashion statement.” Wilson College, on the other hand, bans only its BMM students from wearing sleeveless attires and shorts.

Apart from dress codes, there are other restrictions that have been imposed on the students. Female students at VJTI in Mumbai have been told to vacate the campus by 7 pm and are denied access to college facilities after 7 pm. Meanwhile, boys have no such restrictions and have the permission to stay in the campus until midnight during college fests.