Step By Step Method On How To Put On Make Up

These tips will help you to do the perfect makeup for yourself

In for a little beauty tip? Your procedure on how to put on makeup is equally important to your final makeup itself.

It is then advisable that you apply makeup in the right sequence for you to achieve the desired effect.

Knowing the right method on how to apply makeup may sometimes be somewhat tricky, but can enjoy it as well.

How to Put on Makeup

Here is a step by step procedure for putting on makeup properly.

First, you need to begin with a clean face before putting anything onto it. Wash your face with a good cleanser and put on a good moisturizer and sunscreen afterward. After this, you can start applying a makeup under-base to prepare your face for the makeup.

If you have pimples or dark circles that you need to cover up, apply concealer before putting on your foundation. A good concealer is slightly lighter than your regular skin tone.

The most important part that makes a good makeup is putting on the most compatible shade of foundation that matches your skin tone very closely.

The simple act of putting on the foundation can immensely beautify your look. A simple foundation has the power to even out your skin color and makes skin imperfections less obvious. Remember to blend your foundation well at the jaw line to prevent that fake looking division.

Apply a thin layer of powder over your foundation to create a clean “set”. It can also keep your face fresh looking even towards the day’s end.

After your face, work on your eyes next. Fill in your eyebrows with a good eyeliner pencil to create a perfect arch.

Then, apply an eyeshadow that matches your eye color and skin tone then blend the colors properly.

Line your lower lids very carefully and thinly beginning from the outer corner of your eye inwards. Curl your eyelashes and apply a thickening mascara.

Next, apply a natural colored cheek color onto the apples of your cheek. The best blush color is the one that is closest to your how your cheek looks like when you blush.

Protect your lips by applying a good layer of your reliable lip balm. Using a lip liner, line your lips beginning with the outer corner of the lower lip going inwards.

Then, apply a good colored lipstick or lip gloss that matches well with your entire appearance. Use a good lip brush or even with just your fingers to blend the liner with your lipstick or lip gloss color. Finish with your lips by gently clamping with soft tissue.

Finally, check your look by looking into a mirror under natural light to see if everything blends well.

Source by Rachel Ann