Stop Shopping! Start Adopting


We jump at the chance of playing with puppies and kittens but often let go of the sick and aged animals craving for attention and to be rescued. ‘Animals Matter To Me’ is one such organization in Mumbai which rescues, treats & fosters animals in need.  Founded by Ganesh Nayak and his wife, Dheeraj Nayak, the organization has an outreach program in Pune as well. The animals here all come with their own stories and are looking for a loving home. 

1) Best Friends Forever

best friends

Two dogs, namely; War a St. Bernard and Scotch a Doberman, were rescued by few volunteers from Kandivali and Airoli respectively. These 2 dogs were found abandoned on the streets and ever since they came to ‘Animals matter to me’, they have been the BFFs for life. “They are so close to each other that they both play with each other all the time and can’t live without each other. And if anyone wants to adopt them, they will have to adopt both of them at once, since they clearly cannot do without each other,” says a worker who works with the organization.

2) The Three Legged Race of Life

three legged

These 2 dogs, namely; Pirate and Jesu (from the left); are stray dogs, both met with accidents. Pirate was found on the streets after he met with a truck accident while Jesu had met with a train accident. In both cases, their legs had to be amputated. Today, both pooches live their lives with 3 legs and can do pretty much the same things they could do prior to their accidents.

3) The Lost Flight

the lost flight

These 2 kites suffered injuries during this Uttaran festival. The kite on the left is an adult while the one in left with Siddhi, one of the rescuers of the organization, is still a baby. Both of them have recovered to a great extent and would be left free soon.

4) The Drunken Cat

drunken cat

This stray cat, Bevdi named by the rescuers, has vertigo . She can’t walk straight and will always walk like a drunkard, one step here and the other one there.

5) Is It You Hooman?

is that u hooman

A stray cat rescued by the volunteers on the streets who loves to sleep behind that tree.

6) Its Too Cold Outside

its too cold

This stray dog is here at the facility for treatment of his leg injury and will leave soon. This dog had taken shelter in the cupboard and would rest there every now and then.

7) What’s In There Hooman?

whats in there hooman

This is Topi, a stray dog, found by the rescuers while he was 1 and a half months old and had met with a truck acciden. The vets at the facility were supposed to amputate its hind leg but, didn’t do so and put stitches instead. He can walk properly with his deformed leg now. By the way, he happened to photobomb me while I was clicking a picture of War, the St. Bernard and was curious to know what I was doing with my camera there.

8) Xylo


This stray dog was hit by a bamboo in its left eye and had maggot wounds all around its eye when he was found by the rescuers. He has almost recovered now and is up for adoption.

9) Jolly


This stray dog was hit with a bamboo near its jaw. While she was suffering with the wounds on the streets, another stray dog bit her on the jaw due to which, the Vet had to remove her jaw after she was rescued. She is now too scared of any interaction with Humans.

10) Scarlet


This labrador was dropped at the facility by her owner from Kharghar since she had skin problems. She has completely recovered now.

11) Princess


She was found stuck in the bifurcation of a tree trunk by a few kids and while the kids were trying to rescue her, they twisted her neck unintentionally. She was later brought to the facility. Now she has completely recovered and is up for adoption.

12) Champ


This puppy was found completely paralyzed by the rescuers on the streets. He has completely recovered now and is up for adoption.

13) Cooper


He was rescued from Malad (East) with 2 huge maggot wounds. Later, the vets found out that he has respiratory problems too and while treating him for the same they found that he had diaphragmatic hernia. It is a condition where the lungs and the intestines touch each other which cause respiratory problems. Cooper underwent an operation for the same. He has made a complete recovery

14) Sleepyhead


Cat life is all about ‘Eat, Sleep, Play with Humans, Repeat.’ And that’s all this cat follows all the time.

Daily Observation & Treatment


The senior vet, along with her team checks every dog and every animal rescued by them on a daily basis and also treats other animals brought by their owners with some problems. Every Animal who comes in the Facility is treated with great care. All they want to say is, “If Animals Matter to you, Help them and lead them to live a happy life by adopting them.”

If you are thinking of adopting a pet, you may want to start here, instead of splurging on buying a fancy breed. In case of those who cannot provide a permanent home for the animals, they can become foster parents too. Contact them at [email protected]. Phone number:+91-9920737737