Struggles Of A 7 Year Old!

If you think life is easy for children, think again.

I bet there isn’t a single grown a** person here who hasn’t ever wished that he/she could live as a child again….. ever. Why is that now? Cuz existing as an adult is hard sometimes! Life sucks more than once in few months at a time. Responsibilities – financial problems – love life – JOBS and what not. So you wonder, “If only I could be a child again……”

Hold your horses bro. Being a child is not as easy as we think it is. Sure, they don’t  deal with the same crap as we do, but life can be hard at any and unfortunately every age.

So what are the turmoils of a child belonging to an upper middle-class family you might ask? Since I am as clueless as you are, we approached a bunch of talented and expressive 7year olds.

Besides studies, exams and homework (which is a given); being forced to read novels and classics was on the top of the list. Parents these days can’t seem to get enough of their young ones burying their tiny heads into thick books. This could be the new parenting hack of keeping your child away from all the gadgets ;p Although transforming into a book worm has its own benefits, it’s starting to feel like a job for many kids. ( Since I am single and feel like a child myself, excuse my partiality towards the kids..). Sadly, Getting teased every now and then, and being forced to conform by family and friends seems to be a problem for all age groups. Peace out peeps! Let our individual personalities shine I say.

I mean really, children in the first grade are often judged and ridiculed by their classmates on the basis of the car they arrive in. And here I thought only adults are vain and shallow. Well, it sure does seem to pass on. 

Another popular problem children face these days is keeping up with their super tight schedule! I mean have you asked a kid what his/her weekly schedule is lately!? He will most likely pull out an event calendar to explain it to you because he probably doesn’t remember it himself! And what important skills we are learning at these classes? How to play ball! NO KIDDING, I personally know parents who have enrolled their children in “Ball classes” where they are taught different ways of playing with a ball. Wow, something new to spend money on, yay. Then there are a bunch of other classes like a violin, piano, basket ball, canvas painting etc. It’s great if your child is interested in these activities but do we even ask them which classes they want to enroll in?  Not really, as long as it sounds fancy and other people are doing it. Between studies and all the class hopping 2-3 times a day, poor chap has to rely on mommy to fix playdates with some kid he doesn’t even like!   Sounds fancy and forced at the same time. I mean, all I remember about spending free time after school and tuitions were playing till my feet got sore and chasing other boys with bamboo sticks (true story right there). Yeah, I can’t start my own rock band now, but studies were all I had to worry about and I learned many things from my childhood buddies (nice things!) One witty 7year old listed having to take a bath every day and falling teeth as a stressor. Cute much?

Now it’s time for struggle numero uno (drum roll please..) – Being underestimated by adults. I will have to admit that almost each one of us is guilty of labeling children as over smart and not taking their opinions into consideration at the same time. Children are constantly being exposed to our hypocrisy, each and every day.

Parents want their kids to be on their best behaviors with immaculate table manners in front of guests, but will proudly boast about how they thoroughly enjoyed their childhood (just like I did couple minutes ago, but again, I don’t have kids bro!). How can a child be expected to act like an adult and live like a kid at the same time!? Make up your mind people! 

Adults decide for them and expect them to be independent thinkers at the same time. They pack their schedule like there is no tomorrow and hope that they will build hobbies and interests as per their convenience. Probably if we could take some time out for the little ones and understand them a little bit better, we would learn quite a few things.

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