Struggling To Create Professional Content For Your Web Site, Why Not Employ A Professional

Many people do not know that most of the things that they read on a typical webpage are not written by a qualified content writer. The web developer who works on a webpage generates content that is incorporated into a webpage. Most of this content is high with jargon that is not easily understood by a layman. The content is more programmers friendly rather than being user friendly. Many times when you browse, you may come across something like “Wilcom too my grape neww web apliccatiun”, or “The data provided not matching our database records”, or “Click this link to read more” etc. Sometimes you wonder what exactly does that mean or sometimes its plain funny. But in a scenario where websites are used as a major information and marketing tool such content should not exist at all.

Why we See Such Contents?

The next logical question that follows above is obviously why we see such content. The answer lies in the simple fact that many time the output produced by the developer is not reviewed and errors are not checked for before bringing the material live through a webpage. As a result an error or mistake becomes available for everyone to see. Every website has a development phase where the web developer produces results test results in an attempt to make a piece of code work correctly, but forgings to rollback to a user friendly error message when the pages go to production.

Such content can also be generated as a result of exceptional exception handling. This means a developer gives an error message when the data provided by a user does not match with any of the case scenarios the developer has received triggering the error message. Have you ever experienced a login form that you used to log in to a service provided by a web portal throwing an error at you that may read like “wrong user id and password” even if you know entered the correct used id and a wrong password? It does get confusing for a normal user and such content should be avoided.


How to Avoid Such Errors

Here are some simple ways to avoid such content errors:

  • Code review – It is very important to review the code once it is working properly as it is not enough to get it to work correctly; making it user friendly and readable are important considerations.
  • Get the Automatic content generated script reviewed by content writer so as to eradicate errors in grammar, improve styling and readability.
  • Avoid rolling files directly from development phase to the production phase in order to save the embarrassment of the webpage printing the development error messages for the world to see.
  • Testing phase is a must to avoid unusual and unintentional errors.

In a nutshell a web developer can double as a content writer or hire a qualified content writer to eradicate content errors and keep the site clean and user friendly.

Source by Jonathan Popoola