Student Teacher Ratio In Schools


Private schools keep more attention on their students now-a –days. A small community is followed where student-teacher ratio is maintained for every class room. By this, teacher gets a chance to interact more to a particular student and to understand where they lag. This may give a new atmosphere for a student who comes from a usual class room environment but, if they use it properly definitely there basics in studies get strong.

If the ratio is higher the focus is lesser by the teacher to an individual pupil. For an instance, if a class contains 60 students with one teacher then it means a teacher should teach for collectively 60 students and the focus may be less for a particular student. This may make the student no to concentrate and focus what they doing. Also teacher, only utilize the time to teach and no to know the difficulty in every student.

If it followed by the ratio then report says, from the aspect of knowledge, researchers found a student from this background can able to cope up more in problem solving techniques and gives them confidence to face everything with courage. It also force the student to be more involved in activities and discussions as there would be less people in the room to take up the load. These students get an opportunity to learn more things as live and implement them in their projects as more advanced. Their communication is well versed and no need of special training is given for them.

When speaking about disciplined activities, Teachers interact with students on more personal level where there by, take a chance to discourage their misbehaviour activities. This might not affect them seriously because of lack of more student ratio. Students should feel more comfortable with their teachers in academic as well in personal.  A quality of education is given by this to the students and helps them to think out of box techniques.

It has been noticed, the teachers are unable to devote quality time to students, which further leads to poor academic results because of high student ratio. Let’s encourage this method and make aware of this fact and get our students trained academically as well through attitude.

On the other side many schools just think this idea as wastage of money because they need to recruit new teachers and pay for them also should provide facilities for them. Some schools, because of this recruit youth students who are on other side are disinterest to work in this profession and finally work for money and not for passion.


Source by sandhya