Students of India: Aditya Chavan, Filmmaker, Comic Writer, Photographer

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Aditya Chavan is a sound designer, film maker, photographer, drone designer, screenwriter, comic writer and at the same time manages to pursue a TYBMM journalism degree at Lala Lajpatrai College of Commerce and Economics. The 20 year student has been doing filmmaking and photography for the past 3 years. He has completed advanced courses in Film making and photography from IMI film Academy and National institute of photography.

He is currently writing the first saga comprising of 3 Comics for the 2017 Comic Con.


He has worked with top-level companies such Viacom 18 & Yash Raj Films which gave him a huge amount of knowledge and hands on training. This encouraged him to complete his education in film studies.

His movies have won various college level awards and even recognition at two online international festivals.

studio working

Aditya has worked very hard to get where he has. He has had to work for 16 hours a day without pay for photography and many other shoots. His team and himself have skipped meals to ensure production goes smoothly and the shoots, which had measly budgets don’t overshoot expenses.

He was raised by a single mother who is a professor of finance at Sydenham college. He considers her his idol and his inspiration and the one who drives him harder each day.


Aditya is very passionate about his work, especially his creative freedom. One major challenge he faced as filmmaker was when he has to stick to a certain script and make a Rs 20 lakh film. His crew and himself had worked too hard for almost a year and half to let that go and the team wanted to move forward. Due to creative differences he had to quit the crew and move on to a new calling which was writing for comics.


Aditya doesn’t care much about making money. He does it for fun not for the monetary benefits. The talented student also has a certificate training in drone development from IIT Bombay.

What does the future hold for this talented youngster? He believes his future is uncertain unlike others his age but he wants his life to be a rollercoaster that never slows down. Amen to that!

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