Students of India: Sejal Kumar, Fashion Youtuber

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Sejal Kumar is one of the most popular YouTubers in India amongst the youth. She creates fashion and lifestyle videos in which she explores fashion trends, products and places. The third year Economics honours student of Shri Ram College Of Commerce loves to throw in some bits about her life in her videos.

She was always interested in fashion, making and editing videos and pictures. While browsing through YouTube she came across fashion and beauty videos, took a liking to them and also noticed there weren’t many people in India who were doing it. “Its really a nice place to showcase my creativity so I started my own channel, says Sejal.

YouTubers like Zoella, Michelle Phan, Laur DIY, Sierra Furtado, Bethany Mota and Sherry Shroff are her inspirations and inspired her to start her own channel.

Sejal post videos twice a week, every Monday and Friday making sure the quality is consistent and top-notch. She films on Saturdays and Sundays. She prepares everything in advance and has already started shooting videos for the next month. Sejal has a strong desire to enter the field of fashion, her YouTube Channel comes before her academics.

Sejal has followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and tries her best to reply to their questions on fashion dilemmas.

Its not just fashion and academics for this talented young woman. “I have been a dancer since when I was 14 years old teaching professionally for a while. Jazz and Contemporary are my forte. I also sing and so I found myself a place in college music society too”, says Sejal on her other hobbies.

Sejal signs off with a message to her followers: “Women are going to change the world”.

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