Students of India: Siddhant Mohite, Founder of OYE


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Siddhant Prakash Mohite is 21 years old and the founder and president of OYE- Organisation Youth Elderly. He is currently pursuing a diploma in Social Work from Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work.

He has also founded (ROAR) Reaching Out For Animal Rights, Bombay Inkers, Barks & Chirps, Mumbai Uncensored, Mee Andherikar Pratishthan, Startups India, Law Students Association, Medical Students Association, Architecture Students Association, Engineering Students Association, BMM Students Association, Mumbai Jobs.

When he was 11 years old, he always wanted to do social work but no one allowed him to volunteer as he was too young. After a bit of struggling he gave up and had an idea to start-up an organisation himself at the age of 17. From 28th November, 2012 he started to make an appearance on media platforms. A month later in December 2012, during the Nirbhaya case, he decided to broadcast a message saying OYE is conducting a protest rally near Lokhandwala’s Joggers Park and called his friends. 300 people turned up and the next day at Andheri Station many students turned up too.

When he was 18, he officially registered the organisation.

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His organisation functions in 23 states of India & 6 countries around the globe including India, China, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and United States of America. It has an audience of 2 lakh on social media, 3000 OYEsters, and a lot of support from the youth. In the near future he hopes to see OYE in every place, district, village in India and for now in at least minimum 3-4 countries, basically every corner of the globe.

The biggest challenge he had to face was a trendy name for the organisation, which is a pretty good one if I may say so myself.

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There are no employees, just volunteers and they haven’t made money out of it as yet, but they have found ways to make money by recycling the waste/papers they collect.

On the organisation’s volunteers he says, “I don’t think I have to encourage one to do something, we tend to understand and work by ourself without any inspiration or push, it’s pure own will”

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Siddhant works for other organisations too but ‘OYE’ remains his purpose and passion.”OYE was a thought but now is a dream for many people”, says the young social worker

You can follow OYE on Facebook. Oye India is on Instagram and Siddhant Mohite has his own account too. Check out their website for the great work they’ve been doing.

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