Students of India: Simran Pareenja, Actress


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You may have come across 19-year-old Simran Mahesh Pareenja on television. She has played a character in ‘Tu Mera Hero’ on Star Plus, played the main lead along with established actress Aruna Irani in ‘Bhagyalakshmi’ on &tv and now stars in ‘Kaala Teeka’ that airs on Zee at 7pm.


The SYBMM student of Ritumbara College, Mumbai starting acting at the age of 10 with ads for Vodafone among many others. The acting bug bit her as a kid when she saw Preity Zinta, Madhuri on-screen. Her parents have always been there for her, it was more of their dream of her being an actor than hers, she muses. Her mother’s encouragement helped her tremendously. She use to take her to auditions, sit with her on shoots, all this while working and running the house simultaneously. Her inspiration is workaholic Shah Rukh Khan.

Simran had to struggle a fair bit with many unsuccessful auditions. Once for an audition, the casting girl had told her, “acting sikh lena phir aana audition dene”. She cried about it but accepted it as fate and moved on.

Her advice for people who want to take up the acting profession is to get a portfolio, give auditions and learn acting and if its meant to happen it will.

Simran manages to squeeze in her studies in the middle of her hectic schedule. Her college allows her just give exams and not attend classes. Her friends also pitch in college projects. Her profession has even had a positive impact on her academics; such as voice and speech modulation.


A few years down the line, she wants to see herself successful, happy and healthy, doing great movies, playing challenging characters and connecting with the audience. The hard-working actress has even shot for 48 hours non-stop!

Simran is also a movie buff, with her favourite movie being ‘Queen’. She is also a foodie and loves ghar ka khaana.

The best part about fame? “Now the people who were not nice to me have started being nice to me”, says Simran with a smile.

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