Suitable Foods That You Must Have For Severe Diarrhea

Eat more fluid food to fight diarrhea


In hot days, people always eat lots of cold food casually, and thus diarrhea often breaks out. When people get diarrhea, except adequate rest and anti-virus drugs, proper diet should also be paid great attention to. Proper diet can not only alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea but also recover the physical strength rapidly to improve the human body. As a saying goes that all the medicine have toxicity to some degree, proper diet is healthier than various drugs. More and more people have paid attention to the benefits of the diet therapy, and that is why the diet therapy is rather popular among people.

Because of a huge loss of moisture caused by diarrhea, it is necessary to increase the intake of fluid food like fruit juice, milk, noodles, and porridge. The fluid food is easy for people to digest and absorb during the process of diarrhea. In addition, the fluid food contains a large number of electrolytes needed by the human body.

During the process of diarrhea, the intake of vegetables should be reduced. Many people think that oily food will increase the burden of the digestion system. It must be beneficial to eat more fresh vegetables. In fact, eating more vegetables is rather harmful to the improvement of the body. Many fresh vegetables like cabbage, leek, and spinach contain nitrate or nitrite which are not harmful to the human body in general conditions. While, when people get diarrhea, a large number of nitrate reducing bacteria will propagate in the intestinal tract. When vegetables are eaten at this time, it is possible to cause poisoning and even autotoxic cyanosis. When autotoxic cyanosis appears, the amount of methemoglobin which has no ability to carry oxygen will be largely increased by nitrite, which causes oxygen deficiency with different symptoms reflected by different patients. The symptom of the patients with light diseases is just grey-blue mucous membrane and nails without any other feature; the symptoms of the patients with severe diseases are diverse including dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, the drop of blood pressure and blue-brown mucous membrane and nails and so on; the symptoms of the patients with more severe diseases are reflected as dottiness, coma, convulsion, difficulty breathing, arrhythmia, mydriasis and so on.

In short, in order to recover from the illness rapidly, people should eat more fluid food like noodles and fewer vegetables during the process of diarrhea.

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