Suits Season 5 Finale: Now, That’s How You Close It!

Photo Credit: USA

Drama as a genre, is particularly tricky for directors because almost everything in the genre has been done to death. It is obviously not easy to satisfy every fan out there. And the way Suits has set itself up, you know that a wrong move can turn fans into haters. Mike Ross is on the verge of going to prison and the wrong choice could endanger the lives of all the characters we have come to love.

THAT is the magnitude of the risk that Suits has taken.

The fifth season was incredibly nail-biting. The personalities of every character was pushed to the extreme and their reactions when it comes to facing a dead-end was the highlight of the season.

SPOILER ALERT: The trial is over, the jury is about to give its decision but Mike signs the deal and agrees for two years in prison! And the epicness of the scene where Harvey runs (to take the bullet for Mike {yes!!}) to prosecutor Anita Gibbs’ office while Judgement Day plays in the background is simply breathtaking.

If you are expecting it to have a happy ending with Harvey pulling out a rabbit from his hat, calm down, it is not gonna happen and thank goodness for that! Hats off to the realistic approach that the series has (always) taken. It HAD to end, and a happy ending would have been one of the worst ways to do it because it would have meant being blind to the real world. The finale shows Harvey trying his best to make things right, and Mike and Rachel deciding to get married before Mike goes to prison. On the other hand, Pearson Specter Litt faces a shakedown as Mike’s plea opens up every case he has taken and the partners lose faith in the firm, eventually everyone leaves.

Everything falls apart, but they remain together, UNITY.

Every action has its reaction, lies surface eventually, JUSTICE.

A perfect ending, leaving the fans at the edge of their seats and eager for the next season. Sheer class, sensibility and perfect-beyond-words acting makes Suits one of the best legal drama series’ of all time.