Summer Fashion: Bring on the Heat

What does one wear in this scorching heat! Why look like the rest, when you can look yourself and still be the best.

Try out something this summer that most people think is old fashioned.
Don’t worry, it’s the best time of the year to look stylish and don all those casual, yet funky and stylish clothes. It’s summer for crying out loud. You ought to be in bare minimums!

Women today are outgoing and empowered as most say, but what I admire the most is how girls go down this lane to look fashionable this summer.

What’s Rocking this Summer:


I’ve always said it, and I still will. Go to his closet and take his shirt. Women look really sexy in oversized men’s shirts as it accentuates their femininity. Don’t just stop there, use a nice fancy under bust belt to add some drama and restructure the shirt. This will help to bring out a nice curvy looking body. Ruffle up the sleeves, keep it simple and let it look undone, anything to neat for the day can make up look extremely dressy. You want to look sexy, chic and cool? Go for it.

Pair this with hot shorts, or plain sheer tights, it always makes heads turn. Gear up with some chunky accessories it always helps to amplify the glamour.


Nothing looks more stylish and sexier with the grunge style – The Crop Top and The Ripped Jeans.

It is easy to sport, and always appropriate for a movie, coffee, date and just about anything.

All you need to have it the right attitude and sexy handbag to complete this look.


A few years ago, the sarong had reached the pinnacle of fame, but all of a sudden it lost its way. Revive this style by adding your own personal touch, and feel easy and breezy, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city life.


What is really important this summer is to protect yourself from getting a heat stroke, cover up you head in style.

The art of wearing a scarf stylishly will always be eternal. Get a nice wacky printed scarf to go with what you’re wearing and start to wrap it around your head in a way that it looks mind blowing.